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Nice to see that someone agrees with me on the O2s, the description "sonic sunglasses" it just spot on. The tone is wonderful to listen to but when using the SR-009s you just feel how everything gains air and presence. 

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Wish to hear your comment on T70 and where does it stand among the other peers.


Thanks for the very detailed job of your reviews. Your work is very much appreciated!

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Originally Posted by grokit View Post

16 months! Very well done indeed, this will be a reference for years to come smily_headphones1.gif
You have truly surpassed even yourself David, as I still associate you with another epic review from a few years past: your painstakingly detailed Front Row-based music server system for selecting iTunes music files with the Apple remote control.
Do you still use that system, most likely in a legacy configuration? It may still be possible to run it under Lion.
Sorry for the OT, and thanks again for this epic comparison; permantly bookmarked!



That system was a lot of fun to work on.  I still have all my work saved, but when I started at headphones.com all my free time was tied up with other endeavors and I halted on that system.  Essentially, I began this instead haha.


I use the MSB Universal Media Transport for now.  I may opt to a server later on.  To be honest, in the past 2 months I've been home a lot less and the iPod has become my main source all over again haha.  I've been using the ES5 most because of the isolation benefit and it sounds great out of an iPod.  I almost felt compelled to move it up a few spots, but I opted not to because when I side-by-sided them with everything a few months back while writing the core of the review, that's where I felt it belonged.  But the ES5 right now is my main drag:)


Hopefully, in the upcoming months I'll have more time at home and go back to my normal routine:)

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to say thank you.  here's my 1500th post. 

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Originally Posted by donunus View Post

Best format i have seen. Better than separating frequencies this and that blah blah blah. This is like writing exactly how we feel... The Good parts, the bad, and the ones we are on the fence about. Simple yet Brilliant. The important parts were brilliantly picked IMO because I felt that it was exactly the same as my thoughts. The rating scale is also awesome since it is based purely on performance with only the sidenote of a+ on down for value rating.
This is probably my favorite headfi thread yet since the time I've been a member. On a sidenote... I have to listen to that DAC. waaaahhhh what a price LOL

Thank you! Very much appreciated words


Originally Posted by Pianist View Post

I notice this review take a while to load - too epic for the Internetz. lol


I agree about Westone 4. I heard them a few times and always came away impressed by their sound. Definitely one of the best IEMs out there, at least as far as universals go.


You have an interesting view on IEMs. I personally believe that IEMs can compete with full sized cans in almost all aspects, but to each their own. In particular though, I am curious why you ranked JH13 below HD600/650 and HE-500. So you find JH13 inferior to the latter three cans sound wise? How so?


Even though I never tried Westone ES5, I owned the ES3X and also found their treble to be overly recessed and also lacking resolution. I got lucky and was actually able to return them to the clinic I bought them from with almost a full refund (only $100 penalty). biggrin.gif After my experience with the ES3X I don't think I will ever get customs again, at least not multi driver - I just don't think they are worth it over universals. I also find multi driver balanced armature based IEMs noticeably lacking in coherence compared to good single drivers. I wonder if you experienced similar problems with multi driver BAs.

My view on IEMs is something of a paradox because I think for the convenience they offer, they are incomparable and I end up using them at least 25% of the time for this reason. Probably right now it's more like 75% in fact.


But when I'm thinking about high resolution and realistic sound.... in the same way that speakers can emulate acoustic sound in a more realistic manner than headphones, headphones can emulate acoustic sound with more realism than IEMs.  It has to do with the way sound and space work together.  However, unlike speakers, the size, shape and other variables of the room doesn't matter. I'd like to say headphones are a happy medium, but that's up to interpretation:)

I think the JH13, JH16, UE10 and ES5 are all phenomenal offerings.  But at the same time, there's just something natural about a full-size headphone that, for me, in ears don't have.  If you had asked me several years back, I may not have said this.  But after a lot of time and comparisons of headphones like SR-009 and R10s and such, I can't help several properties headphones have, like a sense of space and air.

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By the way, everyone....I am reading all of your posts. Even though I won't be saying an individual thank you to everyone, please know that I really truly appreciate the kind words.  It makes me happy to know this work has been appreciated as much as it seems to be!

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Excellent work.  I find your reviews honest and succinct.  It is refreshing to see that others out there in the community are not afraid to post negative results from very expensive headphones.  There are some great deals in the A+ category and I almost agree with all of your choices.


Thanks for your hard work!

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Not only is this review substantial, but it is also beautifully organized and very well-written.


I appreciate the focus on the virtues of, not only transparency and technical excellence, but also sheer musicality as well. We all want to hear from an experienced listener: Does the product engage you with the music, and make you want to listen more? And ideally forget about the medium-- as far as possible, does it disappear?


Another fine aspect of this review is that for me, and probably for a lot of folks, it enables a re-appreciation of the headphones already in the stable. I appreciate the virtues of my headphones more now. Thank you!

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Excellent review. After reading, looks like i should try  AUDEZ'E LCD3 as right up my 'street'.

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Tremendous, outstanding, superb job!  BIG THANKS, appreciation and warmest regards from all headphone fans from Russia!

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Wow David - that's an amazing post! I've been looking out for it for a while and am thrilled to see its appearance. I love it. I've just dipped into it and look forward to exploring it some more. Truly well done - thank you for creating it. 

I agree with you about the HD 600 being such an awesome value/performance headphone. I love the HD 600 and always enjoy it. The first time I heard the Orpheus, the owner, who also had the HD 600 said 'you can't go wrong with the HD 600,' and I totally I agree with that.


I saw that you were a session musician, David - what kind of work did you do? (I'm a musician, too - some of my performances are on my YT channel - www.youtube.com/windsordrums)


Best wishes,

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Thank you very much David for your enoumous work! Your Massive Quality Collection is Fantastic! Thanks again for all the work you have done to make this review. It helps me to choose the headphone I can afford a lot. :D

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holee molee... eek.gif

Home of the Liquid Carbon, Liquid Crimson, Liquid Glass, Liquid Gold and
Liquid Lightning headphone amplifiers... and the upcoming Liquid Spark!

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This is a 'standing ovation' review


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Speachless. I am speachless. This review isn't a review, it is a book. Thanks. 

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