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EPIC EPIC EPIC. Now this is a review thread like I've never seen it before. Clear and direct to the point for each headphone, the intro was awesome and the descriptions are pretty spot on among the cans that I have heard in the list making me almost trust the whole thing completely. A rare thing nowadays with all these reviews all over the place. Wow just Wow
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That review was awesome. Bravo!

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Beyond any word, a total reference for me to check in the future. And, HE500 is going to be my next can, hoppfully in the near future.

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Thanks so much everyone!!! I have been trying to respond to everyone by using the "Rep" but I just found out that there's a limit to how much you can rep.


So, firstly thank you for the compliments!! :) I am humbled!  I honestly didn't know if the format was going to work on head-fi and I'm relieved it did!!


I do plan on updating it, but probably not for a while.  I feel like I can finally breathe LOL


Regarding the KAM HP1, its more than possible that the chasis is a generic used by many brands.  I would be surprised to know that they are identical to other headphones, but anything is possible.  Either way, they are surely the least known of the bunch, and I threw it in the mix because I happened on them by chance and thought they stood up nicely for the price.  If the same sound was available for $40, then I would give that headphone an A+ for value! Maybe I'll be able to clarify some day soon.

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Absolutely perfect. Like others have written, I think you summarized the characteristics of those headphones and IEMs very well.


I wonder how PurpleAngel is enjoying the DT880 he got from me. Your descriptions are so spot on that it makes me remember the DT880 all over again.

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This was an incredible post (probably in contention for the most important post on head-fi of all time) and I am inspired to buy back into the headphone game. Even though speakers are really cool, I miss my HE-6...  


What do I get, though? Almost every full-size in your top 30 would be a worthy choice!


Thank you, I have a lot to consider now :)

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what a review.. Truly EPIC..

nice info and introduction, great details on the gear you use and great pic..

really appreciate the hardwork of making this review happy_face1.gif

keep up the great work bro :)

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Originally Posted by DavidMahler View Post

I honestly didn't know if the format was going to work on head-fi and I'm relieved it did!!

Best format i have seen. Better than separating frequencies this and that blah blah blah. This is like writing exactly how we feel... The Good parts, the bad, and the ones we are on the fence about. Simple yet Brilliant. The important parts were brilliantly picked IMO because I felt that it was exactly the same as my thoughts. The rating scale is also awesome since it is based purely on performance with only the sidenote of a+ on down for value rating.

This is probably my favorite headfi thread yet since the time I've been a member. On a sidenote... I have to listen to that DAC. waaaahhhh what a price LOL
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Wow, thanks so much for these reviews, I will certainly be coming back to this thread for a long time.

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So much helpful to me.

Thanks for the awesome review!

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Nicely done!


Excellent, detailed review!



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I notice this review take a while to load - too epic for the Internetz. lol


I agree about Westone 4. I heard them a few times and always came away impressed by their sound. Definitely one of the best IEMs out there, at least as far as universals go.


You have an interesting view on IEMs. I personally believe that IEMs can compete with full sized cans in almost all aspects, but to each their own. In particular though, I am curious why you ranked JH13 below HD600/650 and HE-500. So you find JH13 inferior to the latter three cans sound wise? How so?


Even though I never tried Westone ES5, I owned the ES3X and also found their treble to be overly recessed and also lacking resolution. I got lucky and was actually able to return them to the clinic I bought them from with almost a full refund (only $100 penalty). biggrin.gif After my experience with the ES3X I don't think I will ever get customs again, at least not multi driver - I just don't think they are worth it over universals. I also find multi driver balanced armature based IEMs noticeably lacking in coherence compared to good single drivers. I wonder if you experienced similar problems with multi driver BAs.

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That was mind blowing.  I've never wanted to go out and irrationally spend a pile of money more than I do right now....

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IMO the part that makes this review stand out from other "summit-fi headphones" reviews is not the scale, but the fact that David accounted for and quantified properties like euphany/smoothness of sound.


That is a pretty multimodal aspect of headphone SQ that combines technicalities and colourations into an overall very important quality of great headphones, but most reviewers have shied away from it because it is so abstract compared to things like extension or soundstage.

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