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Senheiser hd 650, hd 800 & the hifiman HE-500 racked up some A's like a boss o2smile.gif

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Epic. You gave a much better summary of each of those headphones than I ever could. I think we'll be referring to this review for many years to come.


I want your DAC, by the way. wink.gif

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complete epic battle.... beerchug.gif

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just reading your source gear, holy crap!


A $30k DAC with a $10k clock upgrade?!?!?

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Glad to see such great marks for the DT880. Of course I'm going to be a cheerleader for my own headphone, but I feel like they kind of got shoved aside over the years now that all the newer (and uber-expensive) cans have come out. You're absolutely right. They're a phenomenal value, especially if you managed to snag a pair before the price started creeping up over the last few years. At the $250 I paid, they're an absolute steal. Non-stop listening bliss since I got them, and impressive build quality and comfort.


I was also pleased to see you mention the DT660. I've never tried it, and it's barely mentioned on Head-Fi. HeadRoom doesn't currently sell it. In fact, apart from the customer-submitted content on Amazon and other consumer retailer sites, I know of only one other review of it (along with its big brother, the DT860):



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Great thread here :) I can see why it took over a year to write this up. I skimmed through some parts of it but when I get the chance I'll read it all later today. I agree with most of it that I've read such as the DT880, HD800, HE6, etc. I do wish you had the AD2k however as that's one of my favorite 

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hey I got 3 in 4 A+ headphone :D they r HD600, dt880 and ad900 :D

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THANK YOU! This is unbelievable comprehensive reviews! This is a benchmark for headphones reviews and key resource for all head-fiers biggrin.gif

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Superb!  Great job, David!

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Holy crap, this is amazing.

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You have created a reference !

Are you going to update the list in the future ?

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Thank YOU

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I am impressed!  Must have taken you a lot of time to do this.

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Fantastic contribution, as always. Many thanks!

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Amazing Reviews!!!


Thank you! biggrin.gif

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