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Will this be available as a PDF?
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Hi, David.

Congratulations for your review and for your colection. I understand why you prefer the Orpheus.

Best regards,


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Outstanding effort! Only few could do this and have the access to such vast resources.

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I don't comment much, but when something like this is written... 

Thank you for your thoughts and dedication.

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All I can say is WOW THANK YOU! Your reviews match my experiences of the same headphones I have tried very accurately, although I definitely would personally not put the HD600/HD650 in front of the JH13 because the JH13 sounds all round much better to me.


However, the value of the HD600 is tremendous. I paid only $128 (in Australia too, where everything is much more overpriced here) for my HD580 and they bring me much listening joy for my more casual laid back listening sessions.


This thread has really made me re-think my stance on the JH13 Pro quite a bit.

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Wow, just spent a few hours glued to my computer screen.

The most epic review thread yet! (Who's gonna top it? :P)

The Head-Fi community will be thanking you for years to come.
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Wow,needless to say anything about the review,OMFG.

Thank you very much!

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so many legendary! oh my eyes ... basshead.gif

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masters thesis :)

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Value of the review and time and energy to do it - A+

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Amazing... Amazing reviews! All other threads can be deleted now... biggrin.gif
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Great job.


Glad to see you gave the Shure 1840s some love.  


However, I can think of 2 headphones that you may have missed.  


Audio Technicas ATH-AD2000

HiFiMan HE-5LE


My new found love is with some of the Audio Technicas.  No I have to take a listen to the AD900s.  Are the still available?



I see you compared things according to price as well.  That's great - but how would they stack up if price was not an object?



One more thing.  Maybe you can stick some of the Modded Fostex headphones in there as well - that's available for public purchase like:



Mad Dogs

Thunderpants TP1s

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Wow, David.

Tremendous job, enormously amazing review.


Thank you! 

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A heroic headphone undertaking.
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That was wonderful! Great job on such an amazing feat!

Hope to see more reviews in the future! This will definitely be a legendary thread:)

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