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WOW. Crazy review....when I saw the picture of those headphones.... holyy shiz nickles

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Epic review David.  Well done !

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Great review man :)

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*tips hat in respect*
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Ohh my lord.....

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I can see a lot of cans being bought/sold on here very shortly!
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Massive review. Is this what "end of the internet looks like"? O_O

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I am not that surprise when you placed W5000 on the bottom of the list. To me, W5000 has it's own unique "flagship" sounding and only fit only a handful music genres. It may not be the best technical headphone for the asking price but it is considered "special" in my collections :)

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The most epic headphone review ever puplished - this will be a reference for many for years to come. Very impressed!

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16 months! Very well done indeed, this will be a reference for years to come smily_headphones1.gif

You have truly surpassed even yourself David, as I still associate you with another epic post from a few years past: your painstakingly detailed Front Row-based music server system for selecting iTunes music files with the Apple remote control.

Do you still use that system, most likely in a legacy configuration? It may still be possible to run it under Lion.

Sorry for the OT, and thanks again for this epic comparison; permanently bookmarked!
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I'll have to admit, this comparison is sheer awesomeness on a whole new level, a giant leap for manki... I mean, for the Head-Fi community worldwide. Kudos!


However, I personally cannot agree that the HD800 was ranked higher than the LCD-3 or the HE-6, while the TH900 was ranked lower than the HD600.

Having heard (and owned) several flagship headphones myself, I prefer TH900 > LCD-3 > HE-6 > LCD-2 > HE-500 > HD800 in this order. Just my two cents.

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Now I know where to spend my money :)

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This is utterly amazeballs. Incredible.
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Originally Posted by Toorc View Post

Now I know where to spend my money smily_headphones1.gif

Told ya there would be some buying started by this review! And so it begins! What are we most tempted to try??????

I'm going with the Orpheus due to them being so reasonably priced and easy to source.
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I am utterly in awe of your collection and that 40k+ DAC.

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