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In a nutshell the HP100 ate warmer smoother sounding, the HP200 are brighter with less present bass but cleaner mids and more present highs.HP200 soundstage is only a little wider considering they are open back. The HP100 are great all rounders, the HP200 are more open and detailed but a slight harsh in comparison to the ultra smooth HP100.
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I have the HP100 and HP200. Reviews here:





I did a mini comparison between the two in a comment of the HP200 post, but to sum up: I found the HP200 to be the warmer one (low end is more potent), but the treble is more prominent as well and that makes it feel brighter for Electronic or some Pop music. The bass of the HP100 is definitely more smooth though. The open nature of the HP200 does do wonders for the soundstage and the extra detail mostly comes from the potent treble I'd say. As brilliant as the HP100 are it's the HP200 that takes the awesome value crown for me and I too can't wait for whatever SoundMAGIC bring out next. 

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As you see in my review, I also preferred the HP200 overall.
Great review quadpatch, we're the Soundmagic fanboys ;-)
I just think they do so many things right that bigger companies constantly do wrong. They did their homework on sound and build quality.
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I would love to be in the Soundmagic fanboy group smily_headphones1.gif

Got my hp100s in yesterday, so far I love everything about them. I'm just waiting for a good amp to pop up in the for sale section, I'll see how they sound with a dedicated headphone amp!

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It's great their headphones are finally getting some attention. The HP200 is out of stock over at SoundMAGIC headquarters.
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Any news at all about HP300?

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Out of curiosity, where can you buy the HP200 in the states?

I might have to buy those too :)

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I got my HP200 a few days ago and i have to highly disagree with some things reported here. I'll write up a detailed review vs the HP100 and some other headphones at a later point.


For now, honestly, i'm a bit dissapointed. It's not as artfully tuned as the HP100 which is a headphone i love and that doesn't happen often with me ;) The HP200 has some problems compared to the HP100: too thick and slightly muddy lower mids, lacks mid / upper mids clarity (could be perceived as warm, i call it veiled), sounds very closed in for an open headphone, soundstage is nothing special compared to other open headphones, The strange balance of the boosted lower mids and lacking upper mids sounds immediately "off", especially with drums and vocals.

In the end the HP100 delivers more overall clarity, both have around the same amount of treble however the HP200 has a small peak somewhere in the treble, whereas the HP100 has a small peak lower somewhere in the upper mids. The HP200 is definately the warmer of the two with more laid back (or veiled) upper mids. You can also see this from the printed frequency graph on the box. I actually wouldn't call it warm but wonky with that strange balance. EQ some 200-400hz away and you get warm.  I did not find the bass of the HP200 more grainy vs the HP100, both are very smooth. However, i can't remember in which review i read about this. The HP100 has tighter bass and more sub bass, the HP200 delivers a bit more upper bass because of a more pronounced area from 100hz and up. Besides those differences the bass is actually pretty similar. When the recording is right, both will create a "wall of sound" with an absolutely stunning bass foundation.


Equipment is/was Nuforce UDH-100, Asgard 2 and some portable players.


EDIT: These are still changing with burn in, especially with my main problem area the muddy lower mids. I'll compare them again when they have around 300h on them like my HP100.

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They have gained a bit of clarity burning them in the last few days but my main complaint of the wonky frequency response stays. In the meantime i've read that  the HE-400 seems to have a similar response. I usually have no problem adapting to all kinds of headphones, i even love the W5000 with probably the wonkiest response ever. But i absolutely do not get why you go for a sound like this in an open headphone. The HP200 just does not sound open with the exception of the projection in front of you which is a bit further compared to the HP100 and has a bit more transparency. But by far not enough to recommend these headphones. Somehow these don't have much going for them, but they also don't really offend in any area. On some tracks the treble peak get's a bit too much but that is harmless compared to really trebly headphones like the T90. The mids are extremly... boring. Nothing special is going on here, vocals sound a bit distant and especially lack transparency (my biggest complaint) while some intruments like bells have a nice transparency. Bass is there and has good punch for an open headphone but sounds somehow tiny. Even with ok impact drums sound unspectacular and unnatural due to the off mids.


I hate to be this harsh on a headphone and i really wanted to love this one confused.gif

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Well since HE-400 seems to be really popular there are people who genuinely like those kind of frequency response I guess. Some review state that HP200 is similar to HD650 though so I thought it would have good mid, at least compared to HP100.

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Just got a pair and impressed so far. Build quality is above the £220 asking price for these cans. Beautiful case too. Just enough bass for my liking, more so than I expected from a set of open backs, midrange is still clear, highs tamed down with a bit of eq'ing. Don't understand the short cable for a pair of open backs, can't see many folk wanting to take these on the daily commute. Still there is an extension cable in the box...haven't tried it yet.

They pair up well with my AK120, sound is slightly warm and fun, pleased with them ...smily_headphones1.gif Great value for money IMO.
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Originally Posted by laon View Post

Well since HE-400 seems to be really popular there are people who genuinely like those kind of frequency response I guess. Some review state that HP200 is similar to HD650 though so I thought it would have good mid, at least compared to HP100.


The HP200 is nothing like the HD650 in the mids.

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Originally Posted by bizkid View Post


The HP200 is nothing like the HD650 in the mids.

Well that and your likening it to HE-400 kinda kill my intention to try HP200. I might try making open (and wood) cups for HP100 since they're easy to change though.

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I've been hearing rumors of a wooden cup version called the HP300 for months now.

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I heard about the wood ones too and would love it if they did some. I absolutely love the HP200 for it's price and do think the mids are comparable to the HD650, I found the major difference between the two to be in the treble. I was also really happy with the build quality and think it beats the Sennheiser and Beyerdynamic equivalents in this regard.

On a side note: I will be bringing these to the London meet up later this year.
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