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Need as many different kinds of sound/music as possible

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I want too trial a couple of different headphones too find the one most suitable for me. Thus I want to prepare audio too trial them with when I get too the dealer(s). I listen too all kinds of music (with a few exceptions) and would like to trial the headphones with as many different sounds/ kind of music/vocals/ instrument sound/ low/ mid/ high range frequencies.


If you would be so kind too list numbers (along with their artist please) which display different kinds of sound I would really appreciate it.


For example I plan on using this number: Skream - Live and Learn to see how the drums sound.


I plan on trialing the Ultrasone Pro 900/ 750 and AKG 550. If you have any other good ideas for closed full size headphones within 400eu please tell me.



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Buddy and Julie Miller's Written in Chalk album for Soundstage in particular the song Long Time.  You should hear a great sense of space.


Tantric's self titled album for cymbals and bass quickness


Weird Al's song Pancreas for Bass testing.


Patricia Barber's Modern Cool for vocals


The Doobie Brother's album World Gone Crazy for clarity and neutrality


John Williams' Double Trouble for testing chimes ( treble )


For crossover frequency issues with IEMs use Maroon 5's album It Won't Be Soon Before Long


Big Bad Voodoo Daddy's Big and Bad from their This is Beautify album to test trumpet and trombone harshness


Those are just a few that I use when I audition headphones.

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In general, I try to listen to the difference between tracks. An amazingly deep bass may sound awesome on one track but reveal itself as "over the top" when it's on an acoustic track.


A few tracks I do listen to for a general feel (most are fairly simple tracks).

Joni Mitchell: California- Bass drum how pronounced is it?

Dave Brubeck: Take five- How much air is there? During the drum solo what are the reflections doing?

Robert Johnson: Crossroads- How does this contrast to "modern" full range records? Is there any body to the voice?

Pharaoh Sanders: Astral Traveling- Can I Dig it? 

Stereolab: Diagonals- How wide does this thing go?

Nuyorican Soul/ George Benson: You can do it- is that a real UFO? and are those wood blocks? 

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So I bought speakers (audioengine 5+) instead of headphones. New headphones will be bought eventually though (can't wait). Thanks for all your contributions, I'm sure they'll help other people as well, as well as me when finally getting new phones too!

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