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I have been reading forum postings for some time now, decided to register an account last night. 

Your guys inputs have helped to buy the Ultrasone HFI-780(my first real cans), which after breaking them in, they sound amazing!!

and now, 3 weeks later,  I have just ordered a pair of DT 770 Pro 80s :) :) they were half price, i couldnt resist!!


I just wanted to know as I mainly use my iPhone, what would the best portable amp that I could use for these two sets of cans? Ive read the DT770 can be hard to drive, im looking at the FiiO E11 or E17, but as i have a new iphone, is there a cable like the LOD cable, but with micro usb on the side, as compared to the 30pin? Or would I be ok using the male to male 3.5mm jack?


Thanks in advance :)