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Inline Mics?

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Whats with all the crazy about inline mics and volume controls? Ive always personally hated them. On any set of headphones or headsets for gaming that Ive used, that have had an inline control, that was always the first place they failed. Not to mention the bulkiness it adds to the cord. Whats everyone elses take on this? Love it or hate it and why?

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I dislike them. I don't use my phones as headsets and therefor have no need for them whatsoever. just as you said - they just add bulkiness and somehow majority of such phones don't have any strain reliefs, so the cable usually breaks at the mic/volume control areas...

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super convenient for controlling touch screen devices while on the go.

but yes, i've also had problems with failure at the inline remote.
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I only get in-line controls in cheaper headphones I'd use at the gym (less than 50 bucks or so)...that way it's not a huge deal if they break.  I use it to control my iPod Touch, so I most definitely need a button to skip tracks and to pause music if someone tries to talk to me or whatever.  Rather than having to pull the device out of my pocket.

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I spend way too much time on my phone and I don't want to switch headsets to switch between my music and my calls.

I actually take calls on my morning bike and run commute...
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