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Need a tip.

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Hello im new in this site.

Im planing to buy headphones for mp3 player,in-ear or headphones but not higher 1,5m cable.

Need headphones with very good bass and with good sound quality,i don't wonna lose sound quality for i just need balanced heaphones or in-ear with good  very bass and good sound quality.

Mostly i listen this music genres: trance,dubstep,sometimes pop,dance music.

So what best chose for is 150$? Can be headphones with 1,5m cabel or in-ear don't care what headphones type,above all is very good bass and sound quality.

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Hisound Popo or Wooduo 2, Dunu DN-17 Crater or DN-19 Tai Chi, Shure SE215

Also AKG K618
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Thanks,who better shure se215 or akg 618?

give me more tips.

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Shure are in-ear and isolate better, AKG probably more comfortable. Read reviews on them. Then make your choice
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how about soundmagic e10?

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cheap and cheerful, sounds good for your taste

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or the beyerdynamic XP1 or XP2 (mine are up for sale for $50)

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Need more tenders.

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Amazon usually sells the Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 for $98 on Black Friday.

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