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For Sale: 5998, 6080, 6AS7, 6336A/B

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For Sale:
5998, 6080, 6AS7, 6336A/B

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For sale are my 6080 and it variants collection.  Most are near NOS level and very strong.  All tested with B&K 606 tester.

All tubes have been used in Little Dot MK6+ amp. 


2 Tung Sol 5998 near NOS level, have less than 5 hours usage.  2 green labels.  75.00 each.


2 Tung Sol 5998 in good level, have more than 200 hours usage, these are my to go tubes.  3 are IBM 1 is TS white label40.00 each.


2 Bendix 6080WB red label.  NOS level, have about 10 hours usage.   80.00 each. Quad 280.00


1 Bendix 6080WB red label.  Used, brought from ebay as backup.  Tested strong.   60.00 each. Pair 100.00


1 GEC 6AS7G.  Brought as NOS, tested very strong, less than 10 hours usage100.00 each.


3 Mullard 6080.  NOS, less than 10 hours usage.  50.00 each. Quad 175.00


4 Sylvania 5998A, near NOS level, less than 20 hours usage.  25.00 each. Quad 85.00


2 Sylvania 6080 Gold Brand.  Tested strong, less than 6 hours usage.  10.00 each. Quad 35.00


2 RCA 6AS7.  Used, tested strong.  less than 50 hours usage.  5.00 each


4 Centron 6336B, NOS level, less than 12 hours usage.  NOT tested on B&K tester, dont know its setting.  50.00 each. Quad 200.00


3 Centron 6336A. NOS level, never used as I need one more for a quad. NOT tested on B&K tester, dont know its setting.   50.00 each. 3=150.00


Please I only ship to US.  If international, buyer pays shipping and insurance.  All shipping to US is free and no paypal fee.

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pm'd regarding one of your GEC 6as7g's.  Thanks!

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Also PM'd regarding a GEC 6as7g.

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One last GEC 6AS7G left people.  Who's gonna be the lucky guy to get the last one?

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Just PM'd regarding the white label NOS-ish 5998 Tung Sol

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Just pm'ed tungsol 5998
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Can you tell me if the Bendix tubes are the solid or slotted column versions?


Also are the Mullards just straight 6080s or the 6080WA?


Sorry if these questions seem strange. I'm very new to tube amps.

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The Bendix are 5 solid and 1 slottled. The Mullard are straight 6080.

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Thanks Neogeo. I found a local Aussie supplier - different stock, but safer shipping locally that internationally.

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