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m80 vs momentum in leakage?

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Which one of this does a better job of keeping your music in for people who've heard both?

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I don't know about the momentum but the M-80 does not leak whatsoever as long as it is on your head.

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Anyone else?

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I have bought the momentum two weeks ago, very nice headphones. However it does leak sounds. In fact my roommate can always hear sounds when I am listening.

I do not know about the m-80, but hoping to try out the m-100. bigsmile_face.gif

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Was your ear all the way in with the seal around the ear when you played music?

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I used my laptop (msi gt683, did not customize the sound card), I barely go half way........(hope this helps)

I am looking for a portable amp would the C421 be a good choice?

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I'm assuming jst about anything could run it since it's a very easy to drive can from the stats.

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So your saying your ear only went half in?

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