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AKG K550 Headphone Video Review

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I know that my technical knowledge is not on par with a lot of your guys that regular this forum, but I thought I'd give it a go. If you don't gain anything from what I say, I hope you appreciate being able to see the K550s on video. Thanks, and any feedback is welcome!

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Strange. AKG must have slightly editted these. The earpads and the headband cushions are different when I had it (I bought the K550 at release as well).


Anyway, good review. You say they're an upgrade from the K271. Exactly how do they compare?

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When/where did you by these? It seems they changed the pads to increase comfort and seal - seeing as the first version had problems with that due to cup size. Having thicker pads that conform to the head would solve that problem.


I hope they use similar pads for the AKG K267 that is coming out this coming week, those look stupid comfortable.

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I bought these from Amazon around March of this year. and that's exactly what I was thinking. The pads and cushioning seem more plush and "full" if you know what I mean.

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