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odd.  during the shipping process i sent DAHMART an email and got a response literally 15 minutes later. i was impressed by that.  wasn't an automated response either.  i responded with a quick "ok thanks for the reply" expecting that'd be the end of it, then got a "no problem, you're welcome" response. 

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Be careful if you go the Ebay route.  There have been others indicating that they had difficulty getting warranty service because Sennheiser did not recognize the seller as 'authorized' to sell them. 


There are also many instances of knock-off 650's in the wild.

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Yah I tried to contact Dakmart 3 times via email with no reply, so I decided that if their sales were like that, the after hours service was going to be worse.


Neither Dakmart nor Dahmart are known for their sterling customer service. They're genuine resellers and, by reputation, honest and disorganized.


Dakmart, anyway, has been around forever (or in other words since the late 1980's at least.)

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Yup, I am not doubting the legitimacy of their sales, just the customer service and I worry about what happens if something goes wrong. 


In the end I bought a pair of second hand ones from Australia which were like new. I got a great deal on them and I am happy.


Now I just need to decide if there is an actual benefit to considering a Dac/Amp combo to match it that will prove to be a reasonable price upgrade to my Asus Xonar STX! Considerations are the O2 Combo, Asgard and BiFrost, or Bottle Crack whatever it's called. I am not really into the whole soldering thing, though I *CAN* do it. I'd prefer an Assembled unit. Also I hear so much conflicting advice on SS Amps vs Tube Amps for the HD650.

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I don't think any soldering skill is needed in setting up the crack bottle. Really high output impedance, so you would be limited to certain Senns, Beyers, vintage AKGs and the odd ER4pt.
I wouldn't know whether the 650 is built to IEC spec though.

The tube vs. transistor thing is something you will have stumble out and figure on your own, as the arguments have been done ad nauseam. I say solid state, as tubes tend to suffer in the bass, which is really not the strong suit of the 650.
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