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upgrade from portapros?

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so i have owned the koss porta pros for about one year and i would like to upgrade headphones. i have a budget of ~$100.

the reason why i want new headphones is:

-better sound quality

-less sound leakage

-some more sound isolation if it is possible at this price range

-i would prefer that they not look horrible but that is not a requirement

also i am planning on purchasing fiio e6 amp if that would make any difference

thanks in advance

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I'm really into the Koss Pro DJ100 with M50 pads. They are worth every penny. Check some of the recent threads here about them. I use them with an E6 also.

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Try the Sennheiser HD280. 

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i was actually looking for something slightly cheaper then those but i have looked at all 3 headphones mentioned above and do like them alot. 

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how are the Audio Technica ATH-AD700, koss prodj100 and the akg k-240?


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If you like bass, which you probably do if you are a fan of the portapro, people have good things to say about Sony MDR-XB500 for the price.

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The philips cityscape uptown are 60 bucks at Ben's Outlet. You can read about those.
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