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For Sale or Trade: Adam's Head-Fi Trading Bonanza - The Sequel!!!!!

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For Sale or Trade:
Adam's Head-Fi Trading Bonanza - The Sequel!!!!!

Will Ship To: Anywhere



Intro – PLEASE READ. I'm currently reshuffling my collection after another excessively acquisitive period. I've identified a bunch of gear that I like, and am trying to pass on stuff I'm unlikely to use regularly. I prefer trades and I'll consider just about anything, so feel free to make suggested trade offers on whatever you've got (but PLEASE check my profile first to see what I already have...or have previously owned and sold). I’ve included a list of specific stuff I’m looking for below, but don’t feel limited to that list. This is my second trading bonanza. The first was a spectacular success, see here. Hrrrrmmmmm....people don't seem to be in the mood to trade, just buy. Too bad, but so be it. I've updated the post below with purchase prices. I haven't included prices for everything...feel free to make bids on anything that doesn't have a price.


Condition of Items. I haven’t taken pictures of everything. It’s simply too much work. You should assume everything is in perfect working order and just about everything is in mint or near-mint cosmetic condition. I started describing the condition of stuff below, then just became impatient. If something doesn’t have it’s condition described, don’t take that as an indication of anything other than my laziness. For almost all headphones (and most DACs), I have original boxes. If you really want pictures, or want specific confirmation of the condition of an item, send me a PM. I can’t make guarantees that I’ll be able to turn around picture requests quickly, but I’ll do my best.


Payment. If you decide to buy instead of trade, then payment is via PayPal gift or add 3%. I know that is annoying, and it’s only 3%, but if you buy and sell as much as I do, then it adds up, and handing PayPal 3% each time gets annoying. Check my feedback and buy with confidence. If paying with PayPal and the payment originates with a different currency, you will need to add the currency conversion fee as well.


Shipping. If you buy something from me, I will ship using any method you prefer (USPS, UPS or FedEx), although I prefer USPS. I have no problem shipping abroad and will work with you to minimize potential customs issues. If we trade, then I expect you to send via USPS Priority Mail. It is as cheap as UPS or FedEx Ground, but much, MUCH faster. Please note where shipping is included (or not included), below. International shipping will be extra. Contact me for details, but through experience I have worked out a very fair way of dealing with international shipping.


With all of that out of the way, here goes!





  • Audez’e LCD-2 Rev. 1 with hard travel case, frequency response graph, wood care kit, etc. In mint/excellent condition. Your choice of balanced (with single-ended adapter) or single-ended cables. $675 with single-ended cable, or $700 with balanced cable. I will pay 50% of domestic shipping costs, you pay the other half. Pictures available here.
  • Sennheiser HD700 with box, sleeve, etc. – Essentially brand new condition. Less than 5 hours of use. I can’t reconcile what I’ve read about the HD700s with what I hear. If anything, I find they have too MUCH bass slam/impact, not too little. When I want that, I have my HE-6s and D7000s. Otherwise excellent cans, and easily the most comfortable and best-fitting of any can I’ve ever heard. Excellent construction quality and -- unusual for these days of neck-bending orthos -- these are light as a feather. I haven't decided whether to sell or trade these. If I decided to sell, it will be for $800. This is your opportunity to get brand new HD700s at a substantial discount to the price elsewhere. Box, sleeve, etc. included. Buyer pays for shipping.
  • Sennheiser HD25-1 II – Excellent condition with all accessories, etc. I picked up a pair of Amperiors, so these are for sale. $150
  • Dunu Trident IEMs with box, carrying case, accessories, etc. - $25
  • Sennheiser HD650 – These might be available. I prefer the HD600s. For the right trade opportunity, I would let these go. Traded!
  • Beyerdynamic DT1350 with box, travel case, etc. – Excellent condition. Traded!
  • Beyerdynamic DT880 (600 Ohms) – Too much detail for my taste. Relentlessly revealing, I think these would be great for classical/jazz fans. Traded!
  • AKG K550 – Like new condition. Very, very little use (<20 hours). With original box. Plastic window on box is slightly scuffed (came that way). The cans themselves are pristine. See pictures here. $220, domestic shipping included. Traded!
  • Fostex T50rp – Brand new, unmodded. With box. Less than 30 minutes of use. Sold!




  • Audio-Gd NFB-10SE – Not sure I want to sell this, but if the right trade comes along, I’ll consider it.
  • AMB M³ (a/k/a M^3 or MMM) – Built by Rockhopper. Includes wall-wart PSU. I’ll only sell this if I first secure a replacement with variable gain or bass knob. The sound of my current build is excellent, I’m just being superficial…
  • Meier Corda Headamp-1 – Includes both high- and low-impedance headphone jacks. $110 + shipping.
  • Emotiva mini-X a-100 – Mint, used <5 hours. Original box, etc. Only available as part of a larger trade.



*For each of the next 3 items, I’m not sure I want to sell them. But if the right trade for another DAC comes along, I’m all ears.

  • Audio-Gd NFB-10SE* (see above)
  • Matrix Mini-i* (see above)
  • Cambridge Audio DacMagic* (see above)
  • NuForce uDAC-2 – USB DAC with RCA outputs and headphone jack w/ volume control. Also functions as a USB-Coaxial converter, which I have found very, very useful. Additional heatsinks installed. See here for pictures. $60, domestic shipping included. Sold!
  • M-Audio CO2 – Optical to coaxial (and coaxial to optical) converter with power supply. See here. This is a quality product with a dedicated power supply, not some cheapo eBay converter that regularly drops out. $35, domestic shipping included.



  • HiFiMAN HM-601 – Awesome DAP. I love this thing. Phenomenal portable sound in a one-box solution powerful enough to drive just about anything short of an HE-6. Alas, I’m a Spotify junkie, so I only use my ipod Touch or ipad.
  • ipod Classic 160GB – Fair condition. Bought this thinking I would load it up with lossless files and use it as my main source. Alas….I’m a Spotify junkie, so I only use my ipod Touch or ipad.
  • ipod Nano 16GB – Excellent condition.



  • 30 foot LCD-2/3 single-ended ¼” cable. Professionally made using Sommer Cable (Sommer Cable is Germany’s leading manufacturer of cable for the professional A/V market). - $85, domestic shipping included.
  • Stock single-ended LCD-2 cable $60, domestic shipping included.
  • Stock balanced LCD-2 cable $75, domestic shipping included.
  • Stock Sennheiser HD600 cable (1/8” termination) Only available as part of a larger trade.
  • Stock Sennheiser HD650 cable (1/4” termination) Only available as part of a larger trade.
  • Various balanced and single-ended HiFiMAN cables (HE-4/HE-5/HE-6/HE-400/HE-500) - Balanced (4-pin XLR) cable with balanced to single-ended (1/4") adapter included. Cable is stock, and appears to be made of Canare or Mogami cable. To be clear, this is NOT a DIY cable, it is an original HiFiMAN cable. Balanced portion is 80" (6 feet, 8 inches) from earpiece to XLR, the adapter adds another 30" (2.5 feet) from XLR to tip of the 1/4" plug. So total of 110" or almost 10 feet long. $75, domestic shipping included.
  • Speaker tap to female 4-pin XLR adapter – For driving headphones using a speaker amp. In my experience, this is the best way to drive HE-6s, and I found I preferred my LCD-2s through a speaker amp as well. This adapter is from HiFiMAN, but compatible with any headphones that are terminated with a 4-pin XLR. $55, domestic shipping included.



  • J$ / J-Money Denon lambskin pads – I have two pairs and I’m definitely keeping one. I love them, so to be clear, I’ll only sell/trade these for something exceptional. These are hard as hell to come by. Only available as part of a larger trade.
  • HiFiMAN pleather pads (stock) - These are brand new, unused. $15, domestic shipping included.
  • HiFiMAN velour pads (stock)
  • Stock Grado L-Cush pads - $12, domestic shipping included.
  • Sennheiser 414 pads – New, unopened, in original packaging. These are, in my opinion, a HUGE improvement over the stock Grado pads. I have put them on all my Grados and bought too many the last time around. Only available as part of a larger trade.



  • Replacement driver and power tubes for Eddie Current / Laconic EC-01
  • Various driver/power tubes for Woo Audio WA6 (matched pairs): 6DE7, 6DR7, possibly others
  • Various rectifier tubes for Woo Audio WA6: Shugang 274B, Brimar 5Z4G



  • Lots of DIY cable supplies (unterminated Mogami and Canare cable, Neutrik ¼” and 4-pin XLRs, banana speaker plugs, HiFiMAN headphone jacks, Sennheiser HD600/HD650 plugs, etc.). Probably not worth selling this stuff separately, but could be added as part of a trade.
  • Honestly, I have tons of gear lying around. I don’t even know what I have. I’ll update this page as I find more stuff, so check back regularly. If you’re looking for something, let me know and I’ll see if I have it.






Solid state:

  • Schiit Mjolnir
  • Burson Soloist
  • AMB M³ (a/k/a M^3 or MMM) in all-metal case with bass boost, variable gain, or line-out functionality, preferably with non-wallwart power supply
  • Mini M^3



  • Little Dot Mk VI+
  • Little Dot Mk VIII SE
  • Bottlehead S.E.X.
  • Bottlehead Smack
  • Bottlehead Crack w/ Speedball
  • Decware Taboo
  • Decware CSP2+
  • Eddie Current amps


Electrostat or Speaker amps:

  • Woo Audio WEE
  • Emotiva XPA-2
  • Emotiva XPA-1 (x2)
  • Audio-Gd speaker amps
  • Indeed Hifi TA2021
  • Topping TP20
  • Sure TA2024



  • Koss ESP-950 Bought!
  • HE Audio Jade
  • Beyer DT990s (600 Ohm) Traded for!
  • Sennheiser Amperior (preferably blue) Bought!
  • Ultrasone Pro 2900
  • Ultrasone HFi 2400
  • Shure SRH750DJ -  No longer interested. 
  • Shure SRH840- No longer interested.
  • Shure SRH1840- No longer interested.



  • Audio-Gd DACs with PCM1704UK chips and balanced outputs
  • ODAC with RCA outputs


Cables, Tubes, Accessories, etc.

  • Woo Audio WA6 Tube adapters (other than 6GL7->6DE7 adapters) - Bought!
  • Tube dampers
  • Woo Audio adjustable height headphone stands (preferably black)
  • Aftermarket/DIY Sennheiser HD600/HD650 cables (3-6 feet, 1/8” termination) - Bought!
  • DECWare RSB6 rotary source switch
  • Maple Tree Design (M.A.D.) LR1 line router

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Pm sent

really interested in the hd 700 and lcd2.thanks so much

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PM sent. Thanks

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