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The first MP3 player I had was the first iPod touch. I remember thinking WTH am I doing paying $400 for this.
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My first MP3 player was a Creative Nomad Jukebox 3 that I bought in the spring of 2003. It had a 20 GB HDD and was as big as a portable CD-player.


I used it a lot, for example on travels to New York and New Zealand/Australia, and finally gave it to a relative when I needed more space. Instead I bought a 40 GB Creative Zen Touch. My relatives used the NJB3 as a portable stereo on their travels for a few years before the HDD gave up and they bought an iPod Nano to replace it. I have offered to change HDD in the NJB3 for them, but so far nothing has come about...


I have since bought a second hand NJB3 out of nostalgia, and I have it plugged into my stereo. With wav-files it sounds very good.

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Iomega HipZip in 2001, it took tiny Clik! disks that held a massive 40MB each.
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My first MP3 player was also my cell phone at the time - Siemens SL45i with a 16MB (I think) SD card.

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Originally Posted by Moody View Post

My first good mp3 player was the 1st generation iPod. Very expensive in 2001 for a 20-year old student, but maybe the greatest leap in DAPs in histo



     Me too. They had 3rd party software to make 1st gen iPods work with the PC. Apple was so narrow-minded at the time...let's make the iPod MAC only. confused.gif

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Some generic mp3 player that had no name beerchug.gif

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Creative Zen micro as well :-) such a good player, I wish there were more like it now.

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Archos Jukebox Studio 20

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My first one was a cellphone, the SE W300.


Before that, i had a MD portable player.

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I know you mean portable, but my 1st "mp3 player" was my computer... Back in the Napster days. Ah such glorious times... All that free music.ph34r.gif

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The "clip-screen" idea was pretty brilliant, actually.

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Rio Carbon! ('Pearl' version)

Great little device. Nice to hold, with a well thought out, intuitive design (soft- and hardware). Clickwheel worked great, and as far as I can remember it sounded good too. It did have a (5 gig) 1 inch micro hard disk, so yes, it could skip during tracks. It might sound strange now, but comming from a portable discman, it was somewhat of a magical experience to be able to play all these songs with no (visible) moving parts.

Very sturdy player, but unfortunately that could'nt be said of it's company. RIP, Rio.

Video: cnettv.cnet.com/rio-carbon-pearl/9742-1_53-20427.html
Wiki: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rio_Carbon
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A Creative Zen V Plus that my girlfriend (at the time) got me.




The white and green one.


Lasted 2 years, then the battery died. To be fair, I took horrendous care of it when it comes to charging and stuff :x

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Creative Zen Micro 5 GB.
I got it after comparing it with the iPod Mini. The sound was better, the interface was also pretty good. The battery life, however, was not as good. There was battery drain, and somehow dust got inside the screen.

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Creative Zen Touch 20GB, still have it and works, would it be worth swapping the hdd for ide-CF adapter and a cf card, and getting a new battery for it?

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