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The Burson Audio Conductor Headphone Amp Dac and PreAmp are now in stock with free overnight shipping. The Conductor is the latest creation from Burson and features SABRE32 Reference DAC chip, the Soloist headphone amplifier, and a high performance preamp. The Burson Conductor features a Variable Output Stage (VOS) which enables the Burson Conductor to match well with any type of headphones. From planar magnetic headphones to in-ear monitors, the Burson Conductor can drive anything. Combining the VOS with the new step attenuator, the volume control is always smooth and perfect.


On the DAC aspect, the Burson Conductor features 24 bit/192khz Tenor TE8802 USB receiver. The Burson Conductor always accepts coaxial and Toslink inputs supporting 32bit/192khz music.


The inputs are RCA analogue and outputs a 6.35mm headphone jack, line-level output (DAC) and variable output.


The Burson Conductor is perfect for any audio system and is the new staple in our demo room. Give us a call to check it out instore, place an order for yours, or request more info at 1-866-722-6621.