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On a search for headphones!

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Alright, to start off with I'm not very experienced at all in this headphone ordeal.  I've used cheap 20 dollar headsets and earbuds from Wal-Mart most of my life.


(Sorry if this gets this gets too in depth or long, just really want to get everything out there!)


The first serious upgrade I had from the cheapy headphones was a pair of SteelSeries Siberias v1.   I still have these headphones, I've had them for about 4~ish years now.  Despite the slow wear down on them (the glue for the cups coming off, screws becoming stripped on the side) I'm very scared to part with them due to their comfort and sound that I'm really looking to find.


I bought a pair of Siberias v2 around two years after buying my v1 due to coming to that point of just wanting an upgrade in headphones, plus they came with a mic.  I had expected the same sound like my v1s, but I was extremely disappointed.  The sound was so high pitched, every "S" in a word made me cringe.  There was no warmth from the sound to be able to enjoy something.  It was very harsh, too crisp, and definitely not the sound I'm really looking for.  The sounds were tiny, cold, and just not ideal in anything for me.  Gaming, music, or a simple chat on Vent or Skype.


Perhaps for the extremely serious FPS player that needs to hear the crisp steps of someone coming around the corner rather then the fullness and warmth of the explosions, these headphones probably delivered for them.  But the sound from these headphones are something I want to avoid investing money in.  I'm still using my v1s, and I have my v2s (almost brand new) being flopped around my desk as a make shift mic.


So that brings me to the point of this topic.  I'm looking for sound that is warm, not so direct and sharp that I cringe like what happened when I upgraded from v1 to v2.  I do listen to a lot of bass heavy music, so I would say I'm looking for something that compliments this and doesn't leave me like the v2s did.  Disappointed, cringing, headaches, and missing every warm tone there is in a song of literally any genre.  I'm not saying I'm looking specifically for a pair that rattles my brain when I turn up the volume, but I wouldn't really object to it either.  The v1s definitely weren't very "bass heavy", the bass was there and did the job for me with the warm sound I had from the headphones.  But an upgrade in bass, as I said, I wouldn't object to.


I'm also looking for something with the somewhat same comfort as the v1s.  The v2s were so closed and a lot of the time I felt like my ears were suffocating and sweating after forcing myself to use them for perhaps any sign of a difference if I broke them in.  While the v1s were considered "closed" headphones (I think!) I did enjoy the fact I could wear them for the entire day while I gamed or did whatever and not find my ears hot.  They really allow my ears to breathe almost as if I don't even have headphones on, which is something I love but not entirely needed, long as I'm not feeling my ears itch from the heat and sweat the v2s gave me I'll take it.


Next off is durability.  Yes, I am one of those who actively tends to fall asleep with headphones on.  So I'm looking for a pair that isn't going to snap after a few months of this.  My v1s have lasted through 4 moves, almost every night of sleeping with them all these years, being smushed in my pillow, rolled over on, probably laid on, being dropped countless times, and still are only sporting normal "wear down" breaks at this point, definitely the type of quality I'm happy with.


And lastly, price.  I'm really not looking to spend over $160 for a pair of headphones.  (even $160 is pushing at the limit.)  So that's why I haven't just bought something like a pair of Beats at this point.  I know this probably leaves me limited, but a budget is a budget.  That and I'm sure I can find something under $160, my Siberia v1s didn't even reach $80 I believe.







Wow this got pretty lengthy @_@ I really hope some of you decide to read all of this, I've been searching for around two days straight for headphones, paging through Amazon reviews, and trying to familiarize myself with the terms and meanings behind words when associated with headphones so I'm hoping I could get some personal help and recommendation from here.



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So a non-sibilant (not too bright) headphone that can produce bass when called for and that is built with durability in mind. Gotcha.


Brainwavz HM5

Shure SRH440

Philips Uptowns (the cable is the one fault; it's flat and short and not very durable, so may not cut the mustard)


Some others to consider, which may be a little on the bright side for you, but you can equalize that treble down and get what you want:


Beyer DT770 PRO

Ultrasone HFI 580


Very best,

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