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For Sale: AmpCity Fortis Silver Cable

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For Sale:
AmpCity Fortis Silver Cable

Will Ship To: US & Canada

I have on sale : 


AmpCity Silver IEM cable (westone - recessed socket) - $100 $95 – These are wonderful cables and in nearly brand new condition. They come with a ViaBlue connector and are full core silver. Whether you believe in cables or not, these are really solidly built but a bit stiff. This is probably the cheapest you will find these solidly built silver cables being sold for. Personally, these brought out the bass a lot more with my ASG-1s and AS-1's, allowing for deeper extension, though different IEMs respond differently


part of my clearance sale listed :


Purchased from a fellow head-fier a few months ago. I am the second owner.

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Will you ship to UK? Any movement on price? I need a replacement cable urgently.

Assuming this will fit a Unique Melody TF10 remould by AmpCity with recessed sockets?

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good price 

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