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I just ordered my first external DAC... What's your story?

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Last night I ordered my first external DAC/Headphone amp combo the Maverick D-1 with all the factory upgrades. Next I will probably add a dedicated headphone amp and then upgrade my headphones. Or maybe headphones first. I have the feeling I will be spending a lot of my money on audio gear in the future, but I'm not sure I have enough hearing left ( not that I have a massive hearing loss just spent a lot of time listening to loud music in my youth ) to ever be an audiophile.


I was not a real believer in the audiophile quest for better "sound" until I bought a CMOY headphone amp off of ebay a few years back. I was very impressed on how much better it sounded compared to the amp in my iPod. Then in the last year I started picking up some vinyl and was really impressed with the quality as compared to mp3's or streaming music, but I soon realized that even though I grew up with records years of digital music had spoiled me. I have less tolerance now for the pops in Vinyl and I also realized I am not very good at caring for things as delicate as records.


So recently I started ripping my old cd collection ( mostly 90's music ) to FLAC and buying new CD's of stuff I currently like. Anyway that's my story. What lead you to seek higher quality music?


Edit: I thought I posted this to the General Discussion thread. Sorry about that.

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For me it started two year ago or something.


I was into gaming at the time and I wanted a good headphone for that. I also wanted some good music quality so I didn't buy a gaming headset. That made me buy the Sennheiser hd518. Holy smoke what was I impressed by that sound. My taste in music changed dramatically from hardstyle, hardcore to almost everything there is. I was most impressed by Dire Straits and Pink Floyd.


Sooooo I think I bought some 2nd hand sound card after that, not really sure.


I was not really satisfied with the hd518 after a while because I heard it could be better. This made me buy the ATH M50's. biggest fail of my life and the last time I was going to buy a headphone without listening to it first. It a good headphone but just not really my taste. No soundstage and too 'thin' sounding. I got an FiiO e10 in the meanwhile, huge upgrade too.


After that I could borrow a Grado RS2i from a friend of mine and damn that was sweeeeet. Great sounding headphone. Loved them, but way too pricey.


I decided to look for another closed back headphone for portable use and sold my m50's and got an AKG K550 to replace it. Still not really my kind of thing but the soundstage is good and it's a huge improvement over what I previously owned. I'm growing to like it more and more.



I learned that my next purchases will defenitually be an open, warm sounding headphone and one that I can thoroughly test. For portable I skipped the idea of headphones and I'm going custom soon. Waiting for them to come in stock.


Well that's about it.

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Very cool HolyCheese!

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