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Headphones for a Bass player (home use only)

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Greetings from Italy, here's the situation.
I always use headhpones while at home and using my computer. I plug them in the headphone out of an M-Audio Fast Track USB external audio card. .
I use them for listening to music and more importantly to monitor myself while playing along songs/ practising on my bass guitar.
When I'm playing bass guitar I bypass M-audio's preamp by setting the Gain to 0 and use the preamp section of my bass amplifier instead, which is of a much higher quality of course and made just for this purpose
I NEVER need to use headphones out of my room, but acoustic isolation is a concern so a closed type of headphone is needed.
I currently have a pair of AKG K518DJ, I removed the foam pad because the sound was way too scooped before. I actually like them now but they are some years old and they are quickly wearing out. I May need to replace them by christmas.

To sum it up:
-They need to be closed, prefereably more comfortable than K518DJs which are fatiguing after some hours
-They need to manage fast transients while playing bass guitar, as opposed to the generally more compressed music playback. On lower notes K518DJ's drivers seem to be reaching their excursion limit, but that's at a very high and unhealty volume i suppose.
-Good (at least until the 40ish hz range, doesn't matter what happens lower than that) low response BUT not something that will mud up everything. Lows are a bit overbearing/undefined on K518 I actually need a good mid presence too. Extremely extended highs are not a priority, I also dislike glassy highs and prefer something a bit sweeter up top.
-No more than 150€
-Portability is no priority

If nothing is better suited for my needs than the headphones I have already, I may just buy another pair of the same model.
Sorry for my english
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KRK KNS 6400 or 8400

Shure SRH840

Beyer DT770

Brainwavz HM5


Very best,

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Thanks a lot.
Based on reviews, I'd be inclined to exclude Beyerdynamic from the list, as I'm trying to avoid a scooped/V-shape sound. Bass sound is all about midrange tongue.gif
To give a comparison I tried also some friend's AKG Q460. I absolutely hated them for listening to music, liked them a lot for the clarity they were providing over K518 for monitoring purposes while playing (that was before I removed the foam from my headphones though).
I'm interested in KRK 8400 for sub 150€ range, Shure if I can squeeze some more money.
I assume any of these gives a substantial improvement (at least for my needs) over my current headphones?
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