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Durable Headphones

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I'm currently working in Afghanistan, and I travel around a lot when I'm out here.  I'm currently looking for a set of headphones that have good sound quality and are very durable.  I am somewhat of a klutz, and my stuff gets beat up from traveling.  I was at an airport before I came out here that had a Best Buy kiosk and I purchased the Beats Pro and the Bose IE2's.  I'm not too much of a fan of the sound quality of either of these, but I do like the Beats durability.  I was curious what headphones you all would suggest that had superior sound quality to the Beats (the IE2's are fine for the gym and not looking to replace) and are as or more durable than the Beats.  I'm somewhat new to headphones because I've always just preferred listening through my home speakers (currently a little JBL setup).  I listen to just about everything and my budget can be any thing under $600 (although the higher the price the more I worry about durability).


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Beyerdynamic DTxxx are pretty durable, also check out the Sennheiser HD25-1 II

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V-moda M-80s are very durable and sound very good. M-100 are on pre-order and are suppose to be even better.

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