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For Sale: Denon AH-D7000 Balanced (Update)

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For Sale:
Denon AH-D7000 Balanced (Update)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Second owner. I bought these off another member here. They are balanced modified D7000s (stock cable).

They have received little to no use on my end and have been boxed for some time due to lacking a real balanced amp and no longer interested in getting one. They come with box packaging, a single end adapter and original single end plug if you wish to reattach it.

Box in pictures is not damaged. I just forgot to wipe it before taking the pictures.

Available to pick up and audition in Scarborough, Ontario. Bring a headphone amp if you have one.


Sorry if I did not respond to your PM timely enough for you. I have got a lot of interest on this for shipping even before listing it for shipping. A little too much for me to keep up with plus the waiting on responses from some people.

I can now package the headphones safely, so they are now available for shipping. The price does not include shipping. Payment can be paypal or preferably online interac.

If you are still interested, please PM me again.
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pm sent

may buy it

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These have been sold.

If you did not get a reply from me, it was because I was slowly inquiring with those who messaged me so that I would not overwhelm myself trying to keep track of everyone I was talking with. I had to prioritize locals for logistic reasons and a local buyer has taken them.
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