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Amplifier for HD700 ???

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Please, could you recommendme a Headphone Amplifier for my Sennheiser HD700 ?? Budget is about 1000 USD


My Preamp is McIntosh C46 and my CD Player is Classé


Thanks a lot

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Solid state or tubes? do you have any preference?

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If thinking on a Solid state amp, the Burson soloist is capable of driving the HD-700 without a problem (some reviewers have used it as a reference amp)

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Good question. I have been going back and forth on whether to buy the HD-700 or HD-800.  I am fairly sure I am springing for the HD-700, and the amp that I keep coming back to is the Carey Audio HH-1 Hybrid Tube/Solid State amp. I found it after looking at the Nighthawk, but that is a total solid state amp. Keep in mind I have not auditioned either, but based on some rather extensive research, the HD-700 and HH-1 seem to be a great match (at least on paper). 








I am a couple of months from pulling the trigger on each, but will circle back around after they are in hand. 

Hope this helps.

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Solid State

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what is your opinion about Burson HA-160 with HD700 ???


Thanks a lot

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