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Fiio E6 Review

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Hey Headfi!

This is my first review that I am posting, so this might be below average. Sorry, but i'll try my best. Earlier today, I recieved my long awaited Fiio E6 amplifier. I have been looking forward to this amp for a while now, so i'm very excited. When I got home, I immediately plugged the amp in to get it charged. Now onto the review itself!


Build quality- This was actually very surprising since it was only about 25 dollars. The build quality was very nice and it feels solid. I am not very worried about this breaking yet. I would give this amp a 7/10 since it is only plastic.


Accessories- This amp comes with a 3.5mm to 3.5mm straight jack connector cable which is pretty long, a much shorter right angle connector, two plastic clips, and the amp itself. I would give the amp a 6/10 since I was expecting a couple more things.


Sound quality- This amp has a couple settings on it: regular, eq1, eq2, and a mixed one. When I first listened to the amp, I noticed an immediate change in my music. By this I mean I noticed a decrease in background hiss which made listening so much more enjoyable. I have noticed that the eq1 works better for less bass heavy songs, or if you just want a little boost. The eq2 is good for bass heavy songs, or a nice bass boost. The regular doesn't change the sound, and I don't exactly know what the other setting does. I would give this amp an 8/10 in sound quality.


Value- Since this amp can be yours for only a mere 25 dollars, I will give this amp a 9/10 simply because you get a very portable amp that increases quality tremendously.


disclaimer- all listening was done on my trusty sony mdr-ex36 earphones. Yes, I know they aren't very nice, but I am currently looking to buy a new set of iems or over ears. If you have any recommendations, I would appreciate it. I would like to stay in the 100-125 category. Thanks!


I hope you enjoyed the review. Pictures will be posted if they are requested. If you have any tips, then go for it. Thanks for reading!



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Really nice review man!

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Thank you so much! I worked pretty hard on it. Would you mind letting me know how to post pictures, just so I know? Thanks again!

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Hi Penguin


Nice review, and I agree with your findings...


I'm currently using the E6 with a Sandisk Sansa Clip+ and for a portable rig I am happy with the sound.  I had the E5 before and I think this sounds more neutral, I found the E5 to muddle the sound slightly. 


I mainly listen to electronic music such as the Tron soundtrack by Daft Punk and this setup along with a pair of v-moda m80s sure does sound great!



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Hey e30pilot! Thank you for the complement! I am currently just using it connected to my iPhone4. This setup I think sounds pretty nice (IMO) if you have any headphone recommendations for this, it would be appreciated. Thanks again!
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I haven't had experience with many portable headphones... I used to have the Sennheiser CX 300 ii which were ok. I wanted something better and recently bought the V-Moda Crossfade M80s after browsing the reviews on this forum and I have to say I'm pretty impressed smily_headphones1.gif

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Hai friends, I have a little set up of COWON iAudio E2 + Sennheiser CX175 in the ear headphone. Will an addition of FiiO E6 improve my listning experience and change overall sound stage? Need yours suggestion.



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You can go here http://m.fiio.net/en/stores that's the Fiio site to verify authorized dealers
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