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Ear cleaning...

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Haven't seen any mention of a regular ear cleaning schedule or how to reduce irritation caused by IEM's, so thought I'd start a thread up and see if any do you have a routine...

Personally I wash my ears thoroughly at least three times a week, followed by a light clean with earbuds, followed by a drop of Olive Oil into both ear canals. If I have any irritation in my ears, then a small drop of olive oil into the ear canal stops it more or less instantly. If you haven't tried it, give it a go.
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A monthly spritz of Thompson's Water Seal and a salt spoon to dislodge the rooted stuff. 

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I use a bit of Debrox once in a while. It seems to do the job.
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As an Asian, I get monthly or bi monthly ear wax cleanings(culture) and I use Q tips every time I get out of the shower in 2 to 3 stages depending on my laziness meter.


Step 1 is to first with a Q tip in each hand, clean the outer part of the ear just outside of the ear canal(the area around it) and then the little upper portion of the ear

Pic here:


700 (not me, just stock pic)


. I do this with both ends of the Qtip with both ears.


Then step 2 and step 3 involve the ear canal with them being the same thing. Where you clean out your ear and after both sides of the Qtip are used and wet or whatever, you use one last one for the same job and spot check.

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I use a bit of Debrox once in a while. It seems to do the job.


This ^^^ plus filling my ears with water in the shower and draining, 2 or three times per ear.  Clean/dry with a q-tip, probably going in deeper than one is supposed to with a q-tip.  I do this at least every other day.  Debrox if I get lazy on the water in the ear routine, or every few months.  Just water with the Debrox squirter bulb every 2 or 3 weeks.  Works well for me.

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