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ath-m50 vs. v-moda m80

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A few questions for the m50 vs. m80:


1. which one has the clearer, more detailed, and more transparent midrange?

2. which one has the larger soundstage?

3. which one is more comfortable?

4. which one has the greater bass?


I have the m80 and think they sound great but they hurt my ears after awhile.

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I have both of these headphones:

1. M-80s- not even close on this one.

2. M50 has wider soundstage, while M-80 is deeper

3. M50s are a little more comfortable, however the M-80s have improved significantly over time. They are quite amenable to twisting which allows you to adjust them so that they sit flat on your ears.

4. They are fairly even in the bass department. M50s goes a little deeper, while the M-80s have more mid-bass thump to them. 


I rarely listen to my M50 much since getting my M-80s. They are just more musical.

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