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So I bit the bullet and got a MW1 mostly because the HS3000 wasn't available through Amazon.  It is working pretty well so far.  The only problem I have is that when I'm listening to music, if I get a notification like an e-mail or something comes in, the volume shoots up to 100%, which is what I think is the volume setting for my ringer and alerts.  Right now my firmware level is 0.1.D.0.6 and I have it connected to my iPhone and iPad.  Anyone have any suggestions?


I've thought about updating my firmware but I've read numerous posts from others about how the latest firmware doesn't work as well.  As a workaround the only thing I've gotten to work so far is adjusting the ringer/alert volume to a lower volume and so far that's worked ok but it's really not ideal since I'd have to remember to do that every time.

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I had HS3000 as my first proper BT and I was kinda disappointed. I was sold on aptx as well, was expecting good sound with my samsung phone. To be honest, I didnt do my homework and paid the price. The stock iem is only good for calls and nothing else. You would be baffled how they are able to play caller's voice so loud and clear, yet the music plays so soft. Tried other iem but didn't help. It was until I managed to get an old balance armature in the name of Altec Lansing UHP336 (give it a try since it was for USD5). Too bad the cable is too long for day to day use. I still kept the HS3000 after it was run over by a car when i forget to retrieve it after placing them on my car's hood.

I bought a Jabra Play and more comfortable with the sound. It was not better than the Samsung, it just sounds closer to what you would hear when playing through speakers. There's more bass but seem like most, if not all BT headset lacks the amplification. This does not have aptx too. If there's anything HS3000 seem better, it gotta be the mic and BT range. Jabra really sucks on this. There were times I left my phone in the office but my HS3000 still rings more than 30m away, but the audio does not go through. It does let you know it ring, and that's enough.

Would like to try one of these someday when it goes on sale. One thing I noticed is that, big manufacturers like Samsung or Sony didnt care about user experience. The Jabra allows you to hang over your neck when you are just wearing a tee, and pretty useful just to hang it over when not used/used single sidely.

Update: I'm using Galaxy Note2 with Nokia 808
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^ Would be helpful to others if you stated which Samsung phone you're using and which IEMs you tried the HS3000 with.


I'm using it with my Samsung Galaxy S3, and BT streaming to the HS3000 is able to go louder than a wired connection to the phone. Note that you can adjust the volume on both phone and headset, and the resulting output level depends on both settings.


I personally don't have any problem driving my on-the-go IEMs (IE8, XBA-4, W4, FAD Heaven A) to ear-splitting levels.

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I think you should upgrade to the E firmware of your MW1.

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Originally Posted by Theodore View Post

I think you should upgrade to the E firmware of your MW1.

Any reason why? Is the E firmware much better than what I have in the D version and will it fix any of my problems? I keep reading of others on other forums having nothing but problems when they upgrade firmwares on the mw1.
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Simply I think it is better.

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Returned the mw1 and got the sbh52 instead. The sbh52 is much better IMHO. I don't have the problem of temporarily increased volume when notification alerts sound any more and it serves dual purpose as a speakerphone!

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I had a Samsung Note 3 mobile,together with mw1,and the system was OK,when on Android 4,1.2.When came the 4.3,the system failed.Sony took care and put a update of the Smart connect app,and then I saw again the 6 icons on the mw1 screen,but the system was not working well.

Now,I have the Samsung Note 3,which has the 4.3 Android and again,the system does not work well.Many times,I don't hear the other person when I make a call.This occurs 8 in every 10 times I try to make a call.

Are you facing the same problem,if you have a mobile with Android 4.3 ?

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yes my friend..


i have the same problem on my galasy s4 using android 4.3..


tried everything...


nothing worked...


if you find something..please notify me

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When 4.4 came in,I see that the situation is better,but again,the problem is not solved entirely,because I don't know when it works and when it does not.

So,wait until 4.4 comes to your S4 too,which I see that is a matter of some days.

When you take the update,please post again.


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Are iphone ( i have iphone 6 ) Compatible with *Smart Bluetooth Handset (SBH-52)  and *Smart Wireless Headset Pro ( SW1) ? Can i see all Notifications, read messages & ... ??


please help me to find better compatible for my iphone.

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Experiment only.Go to shop and put the mw1 to test with your phone.Then you buy,if it is OK.

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Hi, I currently have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and an iBasso dzero mk2. I am thinking of buying this to remotely control my device without taking it out of my bag. My main purpose of getting this is to use it as a remote. I will still use my dac/amp as an headphone out. my question is, will the sound still come out of the dac or will it go straight to the bluetooth(mw1)? 😊
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The sound output will just go to MW1. Also, it is not the best idea to control the volume digitally, as it unavoidably also lower the resolution of the sound.

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