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Yeah, the HS3000 is pretty cheap, even here in Europe.


One hilarious thing worth mentioning about the HS3000, there's a little lady inside that talks to you. wink.gif 


First time I heard her voice ("power on", "device is connected", "two devices are connected", ...) it annoyed the hell out of me, but I've come to like her in the meantime. It's actually pretty convenient to know the current status of your headset without having to look at a display. What's even more funny, sometimes the little lady chooses to speak only out of your left earpiece (or the right one), which gives you the illusion that she's moving around you. At other times, she seems to have a cold and her voice sounds strained and distorted. I know that sounds as if I've been smoking something, but I swear it's the truth. Don't know whether it's a glitch or Samsung designed it intentionally this way, but it's pure genius and makes that little lady feel almost human, lol. biggrin.gif

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Met the little lady today (my HS3000 came in from Amazon) and not only do I like listening to her, but the BT device is fantastic. Seems to convey the exact sound from the phones I am using. I can't tell the difference. Thanks much.

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Can you use the included headphones directly with iphone or will you need an adaptor?
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Just got mine yesterday and so far I'm enjoying it :

    - Bluetooth 3.0 which can stream music from your android phone, answer and make calls, support talk to text, notifies you of events

    - great sound, much better than my lg optimus

    - supports up to 32g microsd

    - stand-alone music player

    - fm radio


BTW, I now have two sets MH1 which I really like. Thanks for the review Clieos! :-)

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Originally Posted by Faringan View Post

Can you use the included headphones directly with iphone or will you need an adaptor?

Yes, you can. However, the cable will be too short and you will need a 3.5mm extension cable.
Originally Posted by naddm View Post

BTW, I now have two sets MH1 which I really like. Thanks for the review Clieos! :-)
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I would love to get just the headphone part. I have plenty of extensions that came with other uiems. Especially since the controls of the Mh1 are not something I need.

'sides, I like to clip my sansa to my shirt collar sometimes when I'm running around.

If they turn up I would be immensely grateful if someone could be kind enough to link them smily_headphones1.gif
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AFAIK, Sony doesn't sell it separately though.
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Didn't think so, but if you happen to stumble across it..... you know where to find me smily_headphones1.gif
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hey clieos, just wondering, how is the music sorted on the standalone player part of the headset?

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MW1 allows playback by 1) shuffle, 2) playlist (might need the Media Go software to create this, haven't tried), 3) artists, 4) tracks (select individual track) and 5) album. Basically it mostly based on the ID3 tag, but it doesn't read all the Chinese character right.
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Blah, had this whole post written up and my phone ran out of juice, taking it to limbo...

Anyway, I ordered myself an MW600 a couple of weeks ago but I haven't been able to try it out since a family member decided they'd repurpose it as my Christmas gift... tongue.gif At least it saves me the $40! Anyway, when I get it I intend to compare it from my phone/IPod touch (using my Etys) vs a Clip Zip, should give me an idea where it stands. I guess I can also compare it with a more rudimentary Miccus Bluebridge MiniJack RX BT adapter I got a while ago (mostly for patio/beach use with cheap speakers etc.).

The MW1 looks interesting but it'd have to sound much better to justify the large price/size increase IMO. Still, the SMS/call log functionality on it seems genuinely interesting. Maybe I'll order it from Amazon at some point to try it out.

I was aware of a couple Samsung/LG adapters that feature apt-X when I got my Sony but I opted for the latter anyway for several reasons... There's actually several variations of apt-X and only half of them are meant to transmit lossless audio. I've actually compared an HTC apt-X BT adapter against that mundane Miccus I mentioned before and I couldn't tell the difference... There's so many variables at play tho. Could be SBC with a high enough bitrate is indistinguishable, could be the HTC adapter had other weaknesses, or it could simply be that the powered speakers and car stereo with which I tested weren't resolving enough for me to notice a difference...

I did a blind test and everything tho. Didn't have my hf3 at the time tho and I wasn't gonna be using either adapter with headphones anyway so I didn't bother with any of my other pairs. The Sony adapter(s) have other obvious advantages like the display for tracks/caller ID etc, which is the other reason I was drawn to it.

I hadn't read much about the Samsung adapter mentioned in this thread either, there's a similar LG I took a hard look at but it has some serious usability flaws... The thing doubles as a BT headset (actual in ear like any regular headset) which is rather neat, but it requires the use of an (included) adapter to plug in any headphones with a 3.5mm jack. I read it wouldn't seamlessly transition between music/phone modes automatically either, so I quickly gave up on that one.
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Oh and personally speaking, I'm fine with these things not having the utmost SQ, it's more a matter of convenience while still retaining the option to plug in directly into my player whenever I want (as opposed to getting one of the many overpriced purpose built BT headphones out there). Same reason I use BT in my car off the phone even though I know bass is a little weaker and the noise floor's higher during quiet parts in the music... Nothing beats the convenience of getting on, hitting play on the steering wheel, and listening to the track I bought fine minutes earlier.

Same deal for these things, specially when I'm walking around or traveling, it's nice to be able to use my phone/tablet freely without any bouncing wire but still be able to take a call without taking my headphones off or switching devices. Once I'm sitting down at work/plane/train whatever (or if the adapter runs out of juice) I can simply plug in directly. Dunno why these things aren't more popular. Nice to know BT audio quality has seen some steady improvement tho, it's too ubiquitous to ignore.
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Actually, only one version of apt-X is used on BT device and it is the apt-X Enhanced. It is still a lossy codec but meant to be less lossy than SBC. The only apt-X that is true lossless is the appropriately name apt-X Lossless, which requites higher bandwidth than BT generally supports and used only in pro-audio application.


I just got the Samsung HS3000 yesterday night, and have given it a listen with MH1 for a short time. So far, I can say that HS3000 isn't driver MH1 as good as MW1. SQ wise however, HS3000 is still quite good. I'll need to try a few more IEM to see how it behaves but the stock Samsung EHS53# (which is a variance of EHS44) is as garbage as stock earphone can go. They should have packed the EHS64# with the BT unit instead. All and all, I really haven't noticed any obvious jump in SQ going from MW1 to HS3000, but it is a little early for conclusion just yet.


p/s: early research on the HS3000 actually reveals that the GT7+ I used is the first Samsung that has apt-X supported, almost a year before people took notice of apt-X on GS3.

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Ah, interesting info about apt-X. You said it's still lossless but meant to be less lossy than SBC tho? Ya lost me there, guess you meant it's still lossy?

Looking forward to your comparison between the HS3000 and the MW1!

Edit: Took me a minute to realize you meant Galaxy Tab 7+ there, I had no clue any of the Android tablets even supported apt-X, I probably wouldn't have looked into apt-X at all if HTC hadn't made a big deal about it with some of their recent accessories. It's definitely a poorly documented/advertised capability. Is there even a way to confirm that it's being used on the devices? (on phone or BT receivers)
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Oh, It is typo, I mean 'lossy codec that is less lossy then SBC'.


I always thought Samsung begin to implement the apt-X on their current quad core smartphone only, as I never remember reading anything about apt-X from Samsung when I bought my GT7+. But it turns out that it was CSR (the company behind apt-X) that advertised that they signed a deal with Samsung for apt-X licensing and GT7+ is the first Samsung to have the apt-X support. Not surprising anyway since Samsung doesn't bother to mention apt-X on HS300 website as well, even though it is cleanly printed on the box. I guess if you have BT dongle that supports apt-X and if you have some kernel access to the BT stack in your PC, then you might be able to tell if apt-X is used or not. Same can be said to Android if you look into the source code. Other wise I think it is just a lot of wishful thinking on the user's part.

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