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Opinions? Good over-the-ear headphones.

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Guess this is the place for this, so here goes...


I'm looking for some decent heaphones to use in the office. To give you an idea, I stream music on spotify, and don't have a decent amp (I have a cheesy Creative USB soundcard). I've have been using in-ear's like Klipsch iS4, Shure SCL2, and some cheap Sennheisers.


I'm obviously not an audiophile, but I've been into audio for years now and I'm not happy with anything I've found.


The other day, I was at an Apple store and I tried out the Sennheiser Amperior. They were actually the first headphones that I thought sounded good.


Here's what I'm looking for:


- Good sound quality is most important

- Good design comes next. If it's ugly...no dice

- No open-design. I work in a office and I don't want my co-workers to hate me

- Did I mention...can't be ugly?


Price isn't a big deal. I feel like $200-$300 makes sense for me (I listen to compressed music on a cheapo amp), but I'd pay $400 if they were near perfect.


What do you all think? Over-ear or on-ear is fine, I think I prefer on-ear. Just gotta make sure it doesn't leak too much sound.


Any opinion is immensely appreciated! Unless you mention Beats... ;)

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Well I looked around and pretty much decided to buy a FiiO E7 Amp/DAC. Mostly because it looks so great :)


Now I just need headphones!

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Bought the E7 DAC. 


I'm seriously considering the Sennheiser HD25 II's after spending hours on this site. I'm only slightly concerned about the soundstage issue, and possible leakage.


Nobody has anything to say?

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Given your criteria, I would highly recommend the Sennheiser Momentum. It can be purchased at Best Buy for $300.00, is incredibly comfortable, isolates well and is the best looking headphone currently being sold--in my opinion.


A few notes of interest:


1.) Even though many state that it is bass-forward, it is not an overly bassy headphone.

2.) I bought an e11 amp, which has definately made it louder and the bass more pronounced.

3.) Overall it has a well-balanced sound that is good for most music genres.

4.) For a complete review see Jude's review here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/627587/sennheiser-momentum-review


Good luck.

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The Harmen Kardon BT, Klipsch Image M40, DT1350 are great buy and they shows hidden details in music.

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You could look into the V-Moda M100's.
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Great suggestions, thanks ppl! I'm starting to think I'd prefer a 'portable', on-the-ear set.


Some things I DON'T want:


- No bluetooth

- No noise canceling headphones


Brasch, the Sennheiser Momentum looks pretty good to me. Do you have any experience with them? My main concern is noise leakage - like I said, I work in a very quiet office. To put it bluntly, they are freakin beautiful ;)

Rick, from what I can tell, the V-Moda 100's aren't available yet. I found a few pre-order links that don't seem to be valid anymore. Anyone know anything about this? I saw an orange-on-black pair here somewhere, that I'd LOVE to have.

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You can still pre-order them from V-Moda here:


I think they're going to be released relatively soon. It might be worth waiting a little longer.
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Looks like december for the M-100s...


I'm thinking about getting the HD25's (prob the addias version since the others are SO ugly), and getting myself the m100s later for Christmas :)


From what I'm seeing, these two headphones seem like the best choice for me. I'm not hyped about the design of either of them, but they seem like they sound good for the price.

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