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For Sale:
Toxic Cables Scorpion CIEM cable (Sale goes to charity)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Frank from Toxic Cables sent me this cable as a review sample and decided to let me keep it. I liked Frank's work so much that I ended up purchasing the more expensive Silver Poison and Hybrid cables. Considering how many cables I have lying around it doesn't really seem fair for me to hold on to it as it doesn't see as much use as it should.


I contacted Frank offering to send the cable back to him, but being the great guy that he is he suggested I sell it and give the money to charity. So here we go - get yourself a great IEM cable and support Save The Children while you're at it. I'll provide a receipt of the PayPal donation after the transaction so you can be sure that I didn't spend the money on drugs and candy.


I'll cover regular worldwide shipping. If you wan't tracking which comes at an extra cost that's coming out of your own pocket. redface.gif


My review of the cable can be found here:


The cable itself is in great condition and hasn't seen much use besides the initial burn-in and some test listening. I'll include 2 amp-straps as well.

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