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Originally Posted by Skullbox View Post

There's amp with or without a DAC! What is the use of DAC exactly,  what is used for? Do I will need it?

How do you put this. Uhmmmm, A DAC is basically a Digital to Analog Converter. One which you would call a 2nd source of sort. Your music is in a digital format. Be it a CD or in your PC, that's your first Source, then it needs to be converted into an Analog format before it's reproduced as audio waves through a DAC to your amplifier or Headphones (If the DAC has a built in amp)


I'd say, it depends on the stuffs you got. If you've got a low end PC or Laptop, that I believe won't have a good sound card, a DAC would be beneficial. Even if you have a good soundcard, differemt DACs processes the source differently. Not all DACs re the same, same goes for amps. It's always better to have a DAC and Amp pairing, that way you'd maximise your usage. Dedicated DACs would always be more expensive, but there are cheaper options. You have to try it out to understand what it really does. Like they say, you'd only know once you try it XD

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Originally Posted by HaruHaruHarHar View Post

The UM2 and the UM3X are really different. All of Westones iems are unique and have their own signature XDDD But Nevertheless, give the UM3x a nice burn in and sometime getting used to. And you'll love it XDDD The Mids are really breath taking. IMO. I liked it over my ex SE535s
Haha, both the Mustang and the Shadow are Great! The differences are so Small that you don't need an upgrade or a change. I'd stick with the Mustang too, if I still had it.
Yes I think that's what makes Westone excellent. Everything they make sounds different and I like that. I also have the um1 which was my first Westone product. And onceI heard them I was hoocked smily_headphones1.gif. Can't wait to get my hands now on the um3rc wink.gif man my wallet hates me lately lol
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Sorry for getting this thread up from the dead but,

I heard views in this forum that the new um pro 30 will be closer to the um3x rather than the w4r.
Is that safe to say?
From the reviews that i read i would go for the w4r and not the um3x.
So, because ill be in seoul next week i can find both the new pro 30 and the current w4r but im not sure what to decide...

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Entirely depends on what you're looking for. A friend of mine has both the UM30 and the UM3X. They just fine tuned the UM30 a lil bit better, the highs aren't as recessed. And yup, it'll sound more like the UM3x rather than the W4R. Not sure how'd the W40 will sound like though. I guess you'd have to try em out once you get to Seoul.


UM3X for Forward Mids and More Bass

W4R for Smooth Mids, Tight Bass and Extended Highs


I personally like the W4R housing more TBH. But that's personal preference. And I love both of their sound signatures. Gonna be in Japan during their Late Winter/ Early Spring. Hope to test the new Westones there. Akihabara FTW!!!

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I am writing I little bit of a review for the new westone w40. Not claiming to be any kind of audio file ,but I know good sound ,I have heard a whole lot of different headphones .I mean this isn't rocket science ,your ears automatically hears better sound .
My source is an iPhone 5 all my files are 256 or greater so my source is not the best but still industry standard .
I obtained these W40's from a warrantie upgrade from the UM3Xrc. The people at westone were very plesant,very accomadting. They even sent it regular US post on my request so I would avoid paying duty and taxes .
Now have to tell you that the before moving to westone I was a die hard Shure guy . I have had every earbud in there consumer model. The SE525 to the 115 's ( I think ) . My favorate was the se425's .they were flat ,linier allowing you to Taylor to your taste . I liked them so much I even posted a review of them on utube . But after moving to westone I am almost thinking of taking it down .Only cause I am quoting "they are the best sounding headphones I have ever hard ." We'll that isn't the case anymore, westone's W40 are the new champion .And not by just a bit ,they have set the bar high. I think Shure is going to have to pull there socks up to even run with the boys (and girls) at westone . Now again I am not claiming to be any kind of audio file ,but these bad boys are sweet ,there ****** sweet ( can I say that here ?) . What really won me over to westone from Shure was the clarity of the UM3X. The insterment separation was beautyFull. I was going through all of my music again rediscovering things I never heard before in my music kept those UM3x in my ears for many many comfortable hours .I just couldn't believe how frigin clear they were . Sometimes it sounded like the tamboreen ( I know haha) or triangle was right on my head . They were the new champion, I did how ever always use Shure medium olive tips . Not only were they soft and cleanable ,but also blocked out the most ambient noise while allowing your ears to breath . I find the silicone tips cause a suction in my canal causeing pressure in the ear. Your ear drum is kind like a speaker pressure wound allow it to move freely making the sound super muffled . Well at least that's what I hear ..anyway the UM3x is still a great a IEM and would still be content 100% with them . I always refure them as the Ferrari of earbuds when telling my very short list of friends my review lol. The W40's would be the Maserati , still the Ferrari family but curves smooth lush , real luxury to drive .
The w40 has the same clarity as the UM3x and same sound separation but the bass is where the W40 takes the Leed. It's like each of the bass drivers are tuned to different part of the bass spectrum or something. I find now the bass is very separated ,all of course in a good way ..in a great way . The bass is so clear defined separated ,it's crazy.. You can hear every sweet bass guitar note ,every snap of the bass drum . I was never a huge bass guy (that explanes the se425's) . I was always looking for clarity clean music . Every body has different bass taste right ?
This was you can tweek EQ your music anyway you want .
The signature sound of the W40 is in my humble option perfect . I swear they must of put crack or something in them, because I haven't been able to pull them out of my ears since. Hear I go again rediscovering my music all over again , hearing baselines I've never heard before , damm groovy man . It's like ear candy ,and W40 is the new candy pusher in town with all the ear candy you want ! They are smooth as warm butter sitting on your counter all night. The sweetness of the high notes are better then any maple surup up here in the great white north . The new design of the outer shell is smooth round very comfortable . I haven't had any discomfort what so ever ,I have found them more comfortable then the UM3x. I am still though a little on the fence though about there choice of connectors. I guess now the " industry standard " is the connector also shared with Shure . Well I little advice about that ...really avoid removing and connecting or spin the earbud itself as much as posable.i have found religiously every year I would have to get a new cord . I guess spinning removing and connecting wears the snap ring quickly . I have a feeling that westone is going to have a lot of returns due to crackling and channels dropping out . I find the best way to unsnap the is grow one long ass fingernail and push it in between the cable and earbud . Right in the crack , it will easily pop off effortlessly .
So after die-aria of the mouth for 30 min in closing these W40''s Are sweet very sweet . The bass is thick but not to in your face or overbearing . It's like the bass know its place in the W40 and know where he has to be for you to hear just how awesome it . I also forgot to mention I now put my iPhone 5 EQ at flat . The person at westone that engineers the crossovers , now THAT guys got a ear for sound !
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Dude, haha, use some spacings :deadhorse: It's hard to read something that hardly has any paragraphs. But atleast given sometime to read through, it's fairly understandable. But anyhow, didn't expect this thread to come back to life again, haha. I just got my W30 and W40 after getting my UM3X replaced due to a malfunction on one of the drivers. Ofcourse, managed to get a good deal on the UM3X while I was in Akiba Japan as well, so I still have my iems~


I can't say much for now, atleast, I'd say that the W40 and the W30, both has a larger soundstage than the UM3X. As well as being a lot more dynamic. The Bass on the W40 is slightly more emphasised on the W40 over the W4, while I tend to prefer the extension on the W4 slightly better, but the slush mids on the W40 compensates for it. The W30 on the other hand sounds a lot better than the W3, since I had sibilance issues with the W3, and I find the W30 a great companion in the Gym and while hiking due to the Sub Bass emphasis. Gaming and movie watching were great with the W30, guess it's due to the Full Bodied Rich sound it's got.


All in all, The new W series are quite the upgrade, but I guess not too much of an upgrade to warrant you to buy one over the old one. But if you're replacing the older ones, There's no hesitation in doing so.

The new cables aren't really in my "like" list though. And for some reason, I kinda liked the housing of the W4/3 slightly better. But I dig the faceplate just for the "Blue Colour" haha.

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The w40 sounds nice. I'm so tempted lol but I think I'm going wait a little but for the 50 to come out hopefully next month :-) oh such good things to come ..:-)
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