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Westone UM3X Vs Westone 4R (Your review)

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Dear Everyone


I am hoping to purchase both of these IEMS, but was wondering what is the exact difference when it come to both of these IEMS. So can you guys tell me what exactly is the difference between these two? Right now most people seem to prefer the Westone 4R over the UM3X, which they say suffers from a very small soundstage to lost mids, etc.


Your Input will be highly appriciated.


thank you.

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Very general comments....


UM3X:  Yes, mids are a bit more forward.  It is overall more about mid and bass versus treble.  Overall sound is a bit thick and warm but not bloated.  Very "in your head", intimate somewhat small soundstage.  Very smooth, refined and non-fatiguing.  Treble improves with a bit of EQ.  Definitely a stage monitor-type IEM.  Fantastic instrument separation.  VERY efficient so no amp needed.  Great IEM.


W4: Slightly less bass presence but overall more balanced and bass and treble both extend farther.  W4 also has great instrument separation but also has a larger soundstage.  The presentation is expansive and pushed out a bit (in a good way).  Detail retrieval is among best in its class.  Slightly warm, very smooth and non-fatiguing.  Less efficient than UM3X.  I personally think amp improves sound but some use without.  A true audiophile's IEM.  Terrific all the way around.

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What Spyro said to a T. Nothing to add. He must hear just like me as that's precisely what I perceive. Both very, very good IEMs but I give the edge to the W4 for overall musical enjoyment.

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Exactly what spyro said, depending on the music there may not be as much differences between them. I love the forward mids of the UM3X but the smaller soundstage gives me a slight claustrophobia.

I am looking to sell my UM3X, if you want we can work something out.

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Ditto, Spyro. 


I'll add, I like the W4R w/ every genre. Its good for everything; it does really well with classical but also is awesome for alternative stuff, too. Just a great all rounder. But I did really like the UM3X for rock. It was one of those iems that influnce what music you listen too. I bought more rock than ever because of how well it did with it. The UM3X is awesome if you can have multiple high end iems. But if you can only afford one, I'd pick the W4R. 

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Agree imackler!  If you just want to ROCK OUT and blow your head off and have a very very good sound but don't require "audiophile" perfection, then UM3X could easily be the better choice.

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what do you consider audiophile perfection in these two? They say the sound of the W4R is better than the Um3X

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The W4 is the more neutral, more "correct" IEM. The W4 has the treble that the UM3x doesn't. The um3x has a close-in, in your fsce presentation of sound, whereas the W4 is a bit further staged, and much more breadth. Again, I would think that the preference around here would be towards the all-rounder, though the um3x has certain characteristics and strengths that the W4 lacks. At this  point we are repeating everything said before in thread, since Spyro gave a quick, full summary of the two, and everything else said is just reinforcement.

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Between Westone 4R and Westone UM3X RC, which one has a wider sound stage and detail separation?


How do you range Westone 4R, Westone UM3X RC, Shure SE535 & Sennheiser IE80 in term of sound stage and detail separation?

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Both UM3X and W4 have amazing instrument separation.  But W4 has waaaaaay larger soundstage on top of that instrument separation.


If you MUST have big bass, go with UM3X.  If you want the better IEM, go with W4.  No brainer....

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I think if you really love vocals or acoustic, get the UM3X. The treble on the UM3X is buttery smooth, but the spacing isn't as big as on the W4. It's more intimate.


If you want a great all arounder that is good with everything, get the W4/W4R.

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I assume W4 & W4R has the similar sound signature, the only different is that W4R has detachable cable.

I would like to know the bass (low) performance between UM3X vs W4 (or W4R) in term of quality & quantity. Are they very different by miles?

For me, the natural (not artificial) sound stage, super detail & clear vocal/instrument separation and quality extended deep bass are paramount.

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I guys, I have heard in some forums that W4 is bassier, base forward, than my (returned) UM3X. Is it true? If it the case, i will ask to get back with um3x.
Am not a basshead. I was thinking w4 is neutral, balanced. if it true? For me def of neutral = balanced = less bassy than...!! tks all for your answers!  Have to make décision this week!

Between the two, wisch is the basier, really? confused.gif

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W4 has the lowest bass quantity of the W3 UM3X and W4. It's also the most balanced.

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Which IEM's would provide more detailed and closer "guitar sounds". I dont care for bass but some is nice. I have UM2 and find the bass quite punchy and sharp which is nice for me, but the guitars in the metal music I listen to seem very far away and I prefer them to be more in your face. The drums and the singer seem more in your face than the guitars, the Hifiman RE 262 I had before had the guitars closer.


Which would be a better bet for me?

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