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It's been awhile since I"ve posted here on Head-Fi. And this time I need help on something other than headphones: Car speakers. I know this is a headphone oriented website, but if I know audiophiles like myself, they cant be without high-end sound while on the road. Basically, I have for some reason gotten very attached to the Focal car speakers, probably because I know that their home speakers sound AMAZING, and I'm not able to find anything that talks about the sound signature of the Focals. (Or any brand for that matter) So my question is simple: Can anybody who's used Focal speakers in their car tell me what they sound like? Warm? Detailed? Cold? Mid-centric? I am looking for speakers that have nice bass that isn't obnoxiously loud, forward and beautiful mids, and highs that are there but not sizzling and in your face.Given that, can anybody make any other suggestions on a brand that fits the description? I'm getting desperate at this point for information because there is nowhere close to me that I can go and try out nice car speakers. Thanks everybody!