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Driving Bose 901's

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Hello All,

My first real thread, thanks for your help.  I am looking for recommendations to drive my Bose 901 speakers.  I bought an Onkyo 8555 but it's not capable of driving the Bose 901 equalizer.  I'm looking for a decent power solution at around the $1000 price point.  Thanks again, RCBinTN.

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I'm guessing your problem is that the 8555 doesn't have the ability to hook the 901 EQ inline? HK 3490 should work fine without having to spend $1000. It has preout/main in jacks where you would insert the 901 EQ into the analog signal processing before it is amplified. It has also has optical input should you need it and has a better overall amp than the 8555. 

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Hi Cel4145,

Thanks for your post.  Exactly correct, the Onkyo 8555 has no preout/main in jacks and its tape monitor is electonic so won't handle the equalizer.  Thanks for the HK tip.  I am trying to decide between a receiver or separate preamp/amp components.  I see you own the HK3490 so I will investigate that in detail.

BTW, love your avatar - I'm a big Star Trek fan, Scotty.  What's your opinion of the "new" Scotty??

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Actually, I own the 3390. I already have a good sound card on my computer, and I'm using it with a PC setup. So I didn't need the DAC in the 3490 or the extra wattage. If you don't need the DAC, the 3390 is a good deal for the difference in price. In fact you could use the 3390 and then buy your own DAC if that's what you are into. The difference between 80 to 120 watts in power is less than a couple of db in output. 


I like Simon Pegg as an actor, and I think he makes a good Scotty for revising the role, not necessarily staying true to the original. He's always fun to watch smile.gif

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I will probably go with the 3490 because I want to feed the system from an iPod so the DAC will be useful.  I just saw the 3490 for $418 on Amazon - seems like a good price.  I will probably jump on this, as the wife is anxious to hear the 901's driven correctly (she bought them as a gift awhile ago and never heard them properly driven) :-).

I agree about Simon Pegg - saw a couple of his movies and like Paul - what a riot.  Looking forward to the next Star Trek movie's release.

Will let you know how the 901's sound driven by the 3490 ---

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Hello Head-fi Readers,

Just to close this thread, I know you've all been waiting for the outcome, the decision was the Yamaha R-S700 instead of the HK3490.  Hooked up the Yamaha last week; finally driving the 901's as they should be driven (means the equalizer is working).  We are very impressed with the sound and soundstage of these speakers, now we need a bigger house.  I read too many negative reviews of the HK3490 to purchase that receiver.


Merry Christmas,


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