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Your XBA will sound very bright with no bass with those sources.

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Everything I've used so far sounds fine from then including my mh1.

The mh1's are so close to the xba 3's that I think there shouldn't be an issue with light bass... The mh1's sound fantastic through them in my opinion and I'm a basshead, trust me.

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OK I'll trust you on this one, let us know how it's going when you get it. biggrin.gif

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Alright, I recently got the XBA 3ip, which I believe is just the iPhone version of the xba 3. It sounds fine, if slightly metallic in some of the treble ranges.


My question is, what tip do you guys use with it. I'm coming over from a DBA-02 with Etymotic 3-flanges and I'm having trouble finding a good tip for this. The hybrids/hybrids with noise insulation that come with the phone just don't isolate noise all that well for me, they are also quite short length wise and force me to push the decently sized housing further in, which is not comfortable. I've tried the 3-flanges, much better isolation but same issue is there with the housing in my ear. So I was wondering what kind of tips you all use. I'm looking for reusable tips only, not a fan of having to replace comply tips regularly.


Edit: eh, looks like the 2nd smallest foam hybrid tip would work for now. I wish there is a foam tip that correspond to the size and shape of the dark green hybrid. That tip gave me the best fit, but its noise cancellation leave something to be desired. After using the 3 flanges for over a year, I'm not used to hearing anything else besides my music.


Impression so far is that it is really laid back. Not sure it really grabs me in any one place like UM3x's beautiful mid, DBA-02 and eq-7's timber... Maybe I'll get used to this. Does removing the foam give a bit more detail. I feel like that's lacking here.

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I also got the Xba-3ip, I had a pair of olive shure foam tips (they're bigger and I had to cut an old silicone pair to put first) Bass response lost clarity, but now the treble is not piercing my ears. I do think the comply worth every penny. Hybrids are also a good option but I feel too much pressure in my ears.  

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Well. I just edited this post.

Okay, they work fine.

Not really blown away by them, But nice for sure sound wise.

The design is retarded though, I have to put them upside down with the smallest ear pieces to make them fit properly.

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I just have to bump/edit this.

Spent a bit of time just listening to these and I must say I am truly impressed now. I managed to get them for 75 used off amazon, They arrived with everything but the original box and they are in brand new condition. I don't even think they had an hour of playtime prior to myself.

Once you get used to how they sit in your ears they are quiet wonderful, The vocals are something else :)

I also must disagree with the people sayin the mh1 sounds like the xba 3. It doesn't, Well at least to my ears the mh1's vocals sound so distant and bass sounds strange in comparison. I don't get the metallic sounding treble that everyones talking about, Sounds great to me.

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XBA-3 (for me) sounds better with certain dance & trance music. ie. music with high BPM.

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Forgot to add... with slower music it's like scratching your nails against the wall.

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I just found out that XBA-30 sounds astonishingly awesome with Hifimediy Sabre Dac + FiiO E6, even better than iPhone 4 or iPhone 4 + E6. I love this phone, it always manage to surprise me.

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XBA 3 sounds so superb that I have stopped using my IE 80 for a while, the sound is so bright and crystal clear although lacking slightly in Bass. Soundstage is thinner compared to IE 80.

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I don't find them lacking in bass at all.

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Originally Posted by noblemff View Post

XBA 3 sounds so superb that I have stopped using my IE 80 for a while, the sound is so bright and crystal clear although lacking slightly in Bass. Soundstage is thinner compared to IE 80.

Try it with source with output around 1 Ohm and bass will come back at the expense of the brightness of course.

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Hi all,


First post here in this forum.  Hope my noobness doesn't show much. smile.gif   Anyhow, after gone through Apple iem, Klipsch s4i, and Nocs ns800, I finally found this thread, which persuaded me to spend my hard earn money on the XBA-30.   It's at Tenso warehouse right now.  Can't wait for it to arrive!


Thanks everyone especially Dsnuts for all the infos. beerchug.gif

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Nice and Welcome to Headfi! Good choice in the XBA30, you will love it especially when paired with the right dap and dac/amp.
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