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At their original MSRP the XBA line was over priced and to main stream sounding for the audiophile crowd who are more willing spend more. So this coupled with a couple minor design decisions put these IEM's in a sort of no mans land.

I suspect the new prices are causing these to gain more traction sales wise and the new model try to make people pay more. Plus they will likely have refinements that help sales as well. But only time will tell.
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Originally Posted by bluerage View Post

Wow, FS site says the regular price is $200? Was there a price drop?  Also, didn't these just come out at the beginning of this year?  I wonder why they're being replaced so soon.

They have the XBA-2 at $200 regular too. Maybe an oversight.

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Believe it or not the XBA-2 MSRP is in fact $200. And the XBA-3 $300. 


I am wondering if there is some liquidation plans by Sony for the intro XBA line because of the new XBA-10,20,30,40..

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Great writeup Ds. You're really making me want to buy some XBA-3s, lol. I had the 4s once, their sound was a little "off" to me. Their tuning made the sound a bit uncohesive.


Originally Posted by tomscy2000 View Post


The XBA3 isn't bad; it sounds more 'correct' than the XBA4, at least.


Ok that was pretty much all I needed to hear. Time to start saving up for some XBA-30s..

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As much as I loved the sound of the FXD80. These XBA-3. Takes that 3D type sound to a different level. Having 3 precision armatures. Staging is holographic on these. I was listening to come Celia Cruz the other night and I can make out every single instrument on the recording stage. Exactly where it was playing and this sound was projected out of my head. Once you adjust to their sound it is seriously ear crack.

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ive been listening to minefor a couple of days now and am really impressed with how Wide and open they sound. great mids and highs but feel they are light on the low end. is it just because im coming from turbine pro coppers?

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Just got'em. Had to test them out before coming up with another burning station to burn them in. Scrap that. They sound too good... may the burn in commence in my ears very_evil_smiley.gif

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nice. Ya listen to them and get immersed in their glory.. The only real effect of burn in is on the highs I thought. They become better extended and cleaner and less clinical sounding but only takes a day or so of full use..Happy listening my friend.


Oh and try this. Take the tips from your JVC FX40 and throw them on there. Then listen. The hybrid tips actually restrict a bit of the sounds. So try a wider tip.

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ba driver do not need to burn in. they will never change their sound. by the way are these comparable to the fx40 from signature?

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Nothing like the FX40.

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Just got the mh1c and im like good sounding already but the treble needs slight tamming to be prefect. smily_headphones1.gif
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Dsnuts you should try the T-poes h100K out...there is a huge rave about them and people are saying that it sounds much better then the gr07 mkii and the akg saving up to get em smily_headphones1.gif
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Ya I got one pic for you.


These are what is next for me. There is no force on headfi that can tell me I need to spend the money I plan on getting one of these for, for another.

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Cks99 is $125 at gloable
And $248 for cks1000
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