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XBA-3/ XBA-30 thread.

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Several weeks ago I got in on a deal that seemed too good to be true on one of these Sony XBA-3s


Future Shop of Canada was selling these for a mere $100. They retail upwards of $280 or so.  I am a big fan of Sony stuff and I use a Sony Z1060 as my main portable device for music listening so I thought why not. I contacted my best friend who happen to live near a Future Shop so I had him pick me up what turned out to be the last pair of XBA-3. So I got lucky. I got them a week later and opened up the box and started listening to them.


My only other experience with a 3 BA driver earphone was none other than a pair of TF10s I bought off another headfier a while back. But truth be told I was never all that impressed by them, But this thread is not about the TF10s. It is about the XBA-3s. I have to say. These are my favorite earphones to date and for good reason. What these earphones have done is made me a believer of Armature technology.. See for me I never was sold on armatures. Could have been the lack of real sounding bass end or the robotic nature of the highs that put me off. These. Are a different story. These I feel are special. I did a quick search of the XBA line and there is not too much about these earphones. Most guys get the XBA-4s or the XBA-1s but not these. Perhaps they are a bit pricy for most to try out. I feel at a sale price for $200 or so these should be purchased with confidence.  


But at $100? I got what turned out to be the most impressive earphones I have ever put into my ears. I know there are many guys here at headfi that have much more experience with higher end universals than I do but I felt after using these ever since I got them I feel it is a shame there is not a thread just for them and the new XBA-30s that have just been released in Japan.


Initial impression.


So without further ado. What makes the Sony XBA-3 sound so seductive. I was listening to of all tunes. Johnny Cash Ring of fire and as many times as I have heard that tune what was a huge surprise to me was just how wide that tune sounded on the XBA-3. I do a lot of commuting for my business so I was in my car listening to my XBA-3s when this tune came up. The tune sounded wider than the speakers that are in my car. It sounded like I was in a big concert hall. This turned out to be one of many more out of head experiences on so many tracks..I kept on taking the earphones out as I was simply amazed at the sense of space the tune was throwing out. The advantages of BA drivers and the great tuning are clearly evident here. Earphones and headphones relay a sense of space to your ears giving you that stage that we all know. These are the first earphones that adjusts to the actual recording. If the tune was recorded in a bigger scale these relay that to what your hearing much better than any other earphones I have heard. It is quite addictive as I found myself going from tune to tune and it threw a big smile on my face as the sense of space of a particular tune would actually change pending on how it was recorded. Simply Amazing.


The sound is a complete one perhaps more complete than I ever thought an earphone could convey and Sony did a masterful job with the tuning on these earphones. I have quickly become a fan of the mids on these earphones. Very accurate and detailed..I read many a review on these earphones but I had no idea just how good the mids were until now. It seems Sony takes their mids very seriously. Every single Sony headphone and earphone I have had always had good to outstanding mids and these are perhaps the best I have heard to date..The meat of your tunes reside in the mids and the accuracy these convey is. Dare I say perfect..These earphones really shine with instrument and vocal presentation that is some of the best I have heard. The 3 drivers works extremely well together and sound like high end speakers in your ears.. I read some reviews online saying the bass is a bit much ect. Lol. It has enough bass for even Hip hop and EDM but these aren't bass heavy at all. Music without my bass is like music without highs. For this sound, it is perfect imo.


More of a balanced sound than tilting toward highs or the bass end. Now the highs I had to get used to but I quickly realized my ears are too used to colored highs that are on many of my earphones and headphones. These have a delicate clean and crisp approach to the highs that once you figure out put the focus back to the mids more than the highs and if you think about it that is actually the correct way to hear your tunes. The highs should be the rhythmic accents to your tunes and not the focus and that is the tuning Sony did on these. I simply bow down to the delicate balancing they did between the 3 drivers in each ear..Bass has solid impact and the subs in here are tuned much like the highs in that they convey more accurately how the bass should sound more than anything bloaty or exaggerated. Yet they threw in just a touch more than neutral levels because who don't like their beats hitting hard? 


I am very much more impressed with these than any other Sony product I have heard to date. These are what I thought my Sony EX600 should have been. These are what I hoped the TF10s was going to be.

I don't know if there ever will be another opportunity to grab one of these for $100 but if you ever see such a deal online. Grab them like it was the last bottle of vodka at the end of the world..


Last word of advice. Anyone that is looking for one of the most engaging, lush, fantastically 3D layered detailed and dreamy out of your head sounds around. Try these with absolute no hesitation. I can't express to you guys just how much I enjoy these earphones. And as always. Happy listening. 

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reserved because I say so.

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Since Ds led me to this earphone and many others eek.gif, I will be chiming in to post some impressions as well.  I have not been disappointed with any of his recommendations but this one steals the show.  I am not a big fan of armature earphones and I've heard a few good ones to know my preferences.  This one does not sound like any armature earphone I've heard.  It has a dynamic signature that I thoroughly enjoy.  More to come later but I can wholeheartedly agree with Ds and his love for this earphone.

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oh boy, here we go againbeerchug.gif

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Yup, I bought these during that sale and won't be selling mine either. They offer a fuller sound than every BA based IEM I have owned which includes the SM3, TF10, PFE121, Rockit R50, and Ety HF3. Several of the other IEM's have aspects that are better than the XBA3 but in regards to a complete sound they are not as good.

I returned my first XBA3 because it had a few design issues that made me question it's value at $300. But at anything under $200 these deserve serious consideration.

If Sony addresses the design decisions with the XBA30 and the new line they are releasing they may have an unbelievable IEM on their hands.
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This being said. If any of you guys want a cheapmans version of these XBA-3s. Get yourself a HM1C..Ya you read right.

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Originally Posted by Zelda View Post

oh boy, here we go againbeerchug.gif











I smell the beginning of another Dsnuts rampage. I swear Dsnuts, you could say "guys these Hello Kitty buds are OUT OF THIS WORLD."



.....I would probably still have them wish listed and try to find a matching DAP. 



but in all seriousness, I've thought about trying the XBA series. They look nice, and the ONLY complaint I've really heard is that they were overpriced. I'm a sucker for J-cords, so if anyone has an extra 3 to trade, PM me! biggrin.gif

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Wow $100 is a pretty good deal, are they still actually on sale? :P

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DaBomb right now here they are $129 until the 31st ( $70 off FutureShop prices )

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Ya these under $200 should be snapped up with no hesitation.

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Originally Posted by nick n View Post

DaBomb right now here they are $129 until the 31st ( $70 off FutureShop prices )

That sounds pretty good..but I still shouldn't spend any more money on IEMs. D:


(unless someone wants to buy my A03s to offset the price!)

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Hold on, how do we order from future shop? I cant list theUS as my residency
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any comparison to xba4 from someone? what about sibilance? i know dsnuts is a fx40 lover and that for he might be quite forgiving when it comes to sharp pronounced treble.

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Originally Posted by sofastreamer View Post

any comparison to xba4 from someone? what about sibilance? i know dsnuts is a fx40 lover and that for he might be quite forgiving when it comes to sharp pronounced treble.

No hint of sibilance for me and I was quite sensitive to the fx40's.  Never heard the xba-4

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Originally Posted by vlenbo View Post

Hold on, how do we order from future shop? I cant list theUS as my residency

Now you know what it always feels like to be Canadian <3

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