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Sennheiser MM 500-X

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Two, no, three questions to the owners about them before I spend the bucks:


1. Do they really sound as great as it`s said at http://www.digitaltrends.com/headphone-reviews/sennheiser-mm-500-x-review/?

2. Is it possible to control an iPod (Classic 120GB) with the headphones buttons THROUGH A WIRE? If I`m buying a 300+$ headphones I don`t feel like spending another 50$ for apt-X bluetooth iPod adapter. And I wouldn`t like to wear headphones with buttons unuseful to me.

3. Is apt-X codecs something you install, or is it the matter of bought hardware? I owe a laptop that has Bluetooth 3.0 device in it and it would be nice if I could make it work with MM 500 X in apt-X standard. I`m not interested in low quality sound.


I would really appreciate some quick response as I have to close company`s spending bill till the end of the month, which is in three days.

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1. Is it worth it? More than likely no. Noise-cancelling headphones are not focused on the quality of the music, rather on the technology behind the noise-cancelling. Same with their gaming series headphones.


2. Something like this: http://www.amazon.com/Replacement-Audio-Control-Studio-Solohd/dp/B006NGHN5A ? Yes, as long as it is an iPod Classic from 2009 or later.


3. That sounds like a gimmicky piece of garbage. More crap technology funded on that than the quality of the sound. I assume that apt-X is the DAC inside the headphones, since there is no DAC connecting directly from a wire to your drivers, and that those headphones receive music through digital code unconverted from a DAC. Let's just say that apt-X is a DAC integrated into those headphones for wireless music transmission. It's probably bypassed when you use the wires.

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And are you an owner?


No, not like this. The headphones have built-in control buttons on the side of a cup, i was asking if it was possible to control through a wire using THEM. I seriously doubt you know what you`re talking about here, mate.


If I found a deal to buy MM 500-X for 220$, i guess it`s a good deal?

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