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help with IEM sound

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I loved the Vsonic GR06, sold it in favour of the HiFiMan RE-262 and the JVC FXT90.

I like the JVC signature more than the 262's, so those will go soon.

But still, it's blurry (especially on the highs), when i compare it to another headphone.. the HE-400 (HiFiMan).


Few days ago, I ordered a Sennheiser IE80. for some reason, i am not sure my journey will be done there...

what is the "minimum", for a universal IEM, to sound as close to the sound of what i was used to from my (now gone) big size cans ?





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Well for me, I like the Shure sound signature, as tends to have quite a good soundstage, and that make them sound less like IEMs. Just look for IEMs with a big soundstage but with the signature you like, as I think the sennheiser are very bass heavy
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