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The Mad Dogs don't stand out as heavy to me, but compared to the light build of the Beyer's, they could be considered heavier.

If you are used to the LCD line, then you won't find the Mad Dogs heavy at all. 


Dan (Mr. Speakers) has instructions on how to properly bend/unbend the headband to fit. The process is very simply and only requires a moderate amount of force. My head is a little bigger so I like where it is. Since I bought mine, I ***think Dan has started to ship them with a little tighter fit. Either way, it's an easy adjustment. 


It is still difficult for those overseas still. That's normal for a small company though. I know Dan works constantly to give the best customer service he can and is working to make his services available in as many places as possible with the resources available. His attitude towards customer service and how he runs his business is very refreshing in an otherwise stagnant marketplace. He also has a great team. I had a fun convo with one of the members during the Los Angeles meet. 


I was the same way with my research before purchasing. It's a good thing. The more I audition, the more I realize that I made the right choice for me when I bought the Mad Dogs. I had other motives as well. Not only did the Mad Dogs fit my needs, but they gave me the opportunity to support a local California business (where I'm from). The Magni/Modi stack also gave me that opportunity. 


Maybe you can find a similar minded Head-fier from NZ with a pair that would be willing to meet up. Never hurts to ask. 

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Last week we modified our return policy to allow for a uniform global system.  


We will now offer all direct customers a 15 day return option, the buyer pays postage both ways and a 10% restock fee.  I heard the concerns of the global community and felt that this was a fair response.  Administering this program is more costly, so I hope everyone agrees that finding a global solution that's fair to everyone is best. 



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Dan replied to email very very quickly and yes his service has been excellent even to me who hasn't spent anything so far! The return policy is very fair, but the website isn't consistent - some places still say "returns only for people in the USA" - a minor oversight as his emails suggested otherwise. Totally respect the small business, the service, and doing what you love - I run my own business too :)


I'm just trying to work out if I want a $75 pair of headphones modded to the value of $300 or just buy some regular headphones. If I was in the US I'd just order them because return costs are so low. I'll probably order... and sorry for bothering everyone on all the Mad Dog threads, and thanks for the very useful responses :)

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Yeah I realized that tonight after I saw the post.  I'll clean that wording up.  But the t's and c's in the cart specify the new policy, and that is what governs.  All headphones are eligible for return excepting when you send us your T50 to upgrade to a Mad Dog.  The return policy doesn't cover pads, cables, or other accessories.  

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Just my humble opinion, but the Mad Dogs truly are a new set of headphones. The mods are extensive to the point they can no longer really be considered a Fostex T50RP. Mr. Speakers takes a durable base pair of headphones, and literally re-writes the book on how they sound. All mods are up to new, OEM specs or better.
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I'll second that!

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I already have the Alpha pads, in which I tried on the ATH-A900X. Then I found out that the modified sound signature was truly meant for the T50RP's. (More bass, more midrange treble).

Now what do you guys think of them as "portable" headphones?
I've already seen someone walk around with purple v-modas, a girl with K701's, and someone with DT770's walking around.

I'm not concerned with weight, and maybe a bit about the size. My sony walkman oddly enough can drive my Q701's very well, the only difference when amping it is a tad faster response and wider soundstage that is more "felt" than heard.

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my mad dogs have just come in. I know for a fact that my fiio x3 (or e11 for that matter) can't drive these. But the sound, fit, and (dear God) the comfort are everything I've read, and will likely get better when plugged into something better.

I'm still studying portable pairings for these, hopefully some here can share some in depth experience~ (had been studying on desktop setups under 300 for a while and will eventually get an audio gd nfb11.32 for neutrality and soundstage, was i wrong?)

Before i go back searching the internet for a portable solution, I'd like to extend thanks to you as another proud and satisfied customer. I already kind of stand out in my area, you can be for damned sure I'll make heads turn and showcase your mad dogs with pride.

These sound impossibly impossible for the price and being closed. Thanks again. Your alphas are my next target :>
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Really loving the sound coming from the mad dogs. The bass and mids are just beautiful out of my audio-gd master 9 amp. Amazing amp.

And this is only single-ended. So impressed that I have the alpha dogs on order. Can't wait to hear how they sound balanced.

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How do the MadDogs do in terms of their instrument separation? How well will it do when paired with a Fiio X3

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Great feel and rich textured sound. Best headphones I've ever owned.
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Has anyone paired the MD 3.2 with the ALO pan am amp/DAC?

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Originally Posted by ncaudiophile View Post

Great feel and rich textured sound. Best headphones I've ever owned.

I have had the Mad Dog Pros for about 5 months. They are surperb. To my ears they are a perfect balance between the Alpha and Mad Dogs.

They are also not amp/DAC picky. I use them with the Fiio x5 and e12 for plane trips. In the air and in heaven.

On the ground I have the Schiit Lyr-2/ BiFrost and cEntrance DACmini. Smoother sound you will never experience.

For a contrast in sound, I also just got the Sennheiser HD-800. It is sparkeling and outstanding in everyway.

For me, there is no genre of music that will not sound its best with these combinations. Whatever my mood, I have a system to make me happy.

Many thanks to "Mr.Speakers" for turning out a great product at a really reasonable price. How does he do it?

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Hey guys hopeful Mad Dog owner here with a quick question. So are the special cable plugs that plug into the Mad Dogs a single small adapter or an adapter attached to the cable?

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