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Gym headphones NOT IEM

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Looking for some decent headphones that can be used at the gym


can't be IEM's as my ears are sensitive and the sweat being pushed into my ear is the reason i'm now looking for non IEM


was considering the px100, but they've gone up in price the last time i checked, and even then i thought they were expensive at 40$



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uh porta pro? $40ish

dt235? 35 bucks on amazon "like new"

ksc75? $15

JVC ha400w $25
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are those recommendation from experience? when looking into the porta pros, they don't appear to be headphones that would stay on your head while you're running/being active


and the sporta pros apparently don't sound nearly as good as the porta pros..


the dt235&jvc has400 look promising, however, the ear cushion look like they'd soak up a lot of sweat and get smelly


i've had the ksc 75 and they would dangle on my ears while running

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Hmmm... makes me wanna put my s400s on and do some jumping jacks and report back....... lemme think some more that's a tough one...

edit: I myself am trying to get my hands on a pair of 235's... you are prolly right they have velour pads and would soak up sweat..
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whatta bout these? ever try them? Have no idea on sound but they look like they'd stay on your noggin.....
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