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Edifier S330 or Creative T3 2.1 Speakers? What do you guys think?

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Hey Guys, So I finally got rid of my Creative T3 speakers...I'll miss them greatly ): But I just couldn't take the random music volume changes anymore after a year and a half ( the music would randomly get loud then soft especially if whatever is playing, video or audio is bass heavy).


So I'm now in the market for new speakers. The Soundsticks caught my eye, because they aren't too bad with regards to price 96 pounds from Amazon UK. That's still in my budget. However, been getting many negative reviews from people here lately. So I think I'll avoid it. 


Now I'm torn between getting the Edifier S330 or going with the Creative T3 2.1. They are priced about the same and my budget absolutely cannot go above that.


I will be using it mainly for CASUAL listening to music and mostly watching tv shows and movies. Sometimes maybe gaming, but for gaming, I'll stick to my DT770s with Dolby Headphone, where I can really blast the volume. I like my bass but neighbours are always a problem ): 


As long as the bass is not muddy, the mids are there then I'm grand. I'm not too interested in bookshelf speakers as I've those at home, and I'm overseas now and don't have a receiver, and like the 2.1 setup at the moment.


What do you guys think?

Any owners can give a quick review as well?

Anyone can give comparisons between the 2 speaker systems?

How are the cheaper Edifier systems? e.g. Edifier C2 (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Edifier-C2-Speaker-Satellites-amplifier/dp/B001385KIU/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1351428743&sr=8-2) or Edifier M3300SF ?


Thanks guys, appreciate it (:

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Totally no midrange. No warm sound. Subwoofer is nothing great but its also not the crappiest.
My advice: stay away if you like deep warm sound.
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OH wow. So what recommendation do you have for 2.1 speakers?


I'm thinking should I just get another set of Creative T3s? or do you not recommend that too?

What about the Logitech 2.1 Speaker System Z623?



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Hi iztis,

I came across this thread/post you started regarding 2.1 speakers.  I'm now in the market for a good and reasonably priced 2.1 speaker system.  Mainly connected to my PC, I will use it for music, movies, and a little/light gaming.  (Mostly would be music and movies.)

The Edifier S330D and Creative T3 are two of some that I'm considering.  Which one did you end up getting?  I'd appreciate it if you'd share your experience with the system you ended up picking.  Also, do you by any chance know/have any experience with Corsair SP2500?  It's also a 2.1 system that seems to have good reviews.

Thanks in advance and sorry about the long post!

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I don't recommend the S330D. I've owned it for 3 years. The highs are really lacking. So are the sub's lows with its "one note" peak around the 200 hz range if cranked to the max gain (which I do, otherwise it sounds thin). I also didn't realize until recently that there's a hole in the frequency range from 120 to 140 hz as stated on its specs page. These deficiencies are notorious with 2.1 PC speakers. On the plus side, it responds well to EQ.

For a budget setup, you'll have a better starting point with something like this: http://www.head-fi.org/t/627161/my-very-low-budget-nearfield-desktop-rig-lepai-amp-and-dayton-audio-speakers
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