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HiFiman HE-400 Replacement cable?

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The white prong in one of the cables for my HiFiman HE-400's broke. I tried to contact them and ask them which ones to get as a replacement, as I've only had them for 5 days, but they haven't responded. What is a good replacement cable for he HE-400's and how much will it cost? I really don't want an expensive replacement cable as I don't want to spend a huge amount of money on them. 

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Don't go out and buy a cable for your headphones unless you want to spend the money on a custom cable.


Contact customer service at Head Direct. and if you have some document to show that you purchased the headphones in the last 12 months they are pretty good about standing behind their products. 


I have a pair of HE400 and the cable had an issue after I had it a couple months. I did not buy them from their online store Head Direct, I got them on Amazon actually.... But customer service at Head Direct just asked for a receipt, or a serial number or warranty number .... something to substantiate that they were still under warranty.... and 3 days later I had a brand new replacement cable. 


If you want to spend the money, by all means you can goto BTG Audio or Toxic Cables and get something for a decent price that looks cool, but if you just want your headphones working again, give Head Direct a chance to remedy the situation.


I'd send them an email and call customer service 1-718-766-0560...

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I already got a replacement cable. Hurrdurrcane Sandy killed my electricity and power so I couldn't respond. HiFiman already sent me a new cable. Thanks to everyone that answered. Their customer support really is top notch.

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I just got the he-400's. The manual that now comes with it claims a three year warranty, which is great. they also say to do 150 hours of burn in, which is a pain...

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