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Caution for new head-fi peeps....

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I'm really LOVING listening to headphones. 








I mean absolutely LOVE it.... and I'm surprised, because just 2 years ago, I swore I would never do the headphone thing again.








     I got on head-fi (like many people do when they start out) and started reading about the different headphones, dacs, amps, etc.  Man, these descriptions of how gear sounded were sooooooooo ENTICING!!  So, not even knowing what I was getting into, I saved some money and dropped it on a fairly sizable rig.


     I guess I was expecting some kind of THREE DIMENSIONAL sound or something, so when I heard this high-quality headphone setup I just couldn't stop thinking "I spent 2-GRAND on THIS??!??!?!"






     After I sold my headphone-rig and the BITTERNESS subsided, I started to gradually remember the good things about how it sounded.  As time went on, I couldn't enjoy listening to the OUTPUT of my LAPTOP and started longing for that THICK, EASY, FULL, LUSH sound that I once had. So, two years later (presently) I bought a smaller version of everything that I once had, and maybe because of the PRICE/PERFORMANCE ratio, I am absolutely in heaven listening for a few hours each night.


Thank you head-fi.



LA Mitchell




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I'd be interested to know the gear you had previously and what you have now.


Ah just noticed your sig.

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You always posted kinda funny pictures and had good input.


Good to see ya.

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Hey Thanks Eee Pee,  I just checked out your headphone inventory and what a nice SENNHEISER collection you have going.  And I bet that  DNA SONETT must sound beautiful.  


I'm feeling a little bit of upgraditis right now, thinking about getting a some new cables to spruce up my sound, and then I start thinking about what all those expensive DACs must sound like, etc, etc....  I guess I've been reading too much HEAD-FI beyersmile.png so I'd better expand my internet-browsing to non-audio sites, eh?

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I went through something similar last year. I sold off every piece of gear I had and had to reevaluate my view of this hobby. I had lost sight of the most important part (the music).


As you can obviously see, I decided I could care less about price/performance ratio...I simply wanted performance (and man did I get it). 

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Yo Morbid,


Now I'm curious. What gear did you get in order to achieve performance? 


p.s. Austin's saying "keep Austin weird" love that!!

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The value you can get on terms of sound quality vs money is simply astonishing. I am fairly new to headfi but with a bit of thought and effort I have put together something that I find very satisfying. More so that I expected when I got into this. It has also helped me get better sound from my speaker rig. My headphone amp is a fantastic pre amp.


Sorry to hear you spent $2000 and you were not 100% happy. For that kind of money you should have been.

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Cavalli Liquid Lightning, SR-009s, and I'm in the process of moving to analogue as my main source. 


Basically I spent about 14k and bought the flat out best there is. Only cure for upgradeitis.


Originally Posted by LAmitchell View Post

Yo Morbid,


Now I'm curious. What gear did you get in order to achieve performance? 


p.s. Austin's saying "keep Austin weird" love that!!

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