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Earphone/IEM suggestions

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Hallo all!


I am currently using the Phonak PFE with my clip zip. I find the output is thin and the bass is very subdued. The kind of music i mostly listen to ranges from classical to rock. I do not listen to bass thumpers , but I find the PFE is very poor in handling any sort of bass. I guess the sweet spot was the earphones that shipped with the player (which are now bust). I tried looking it up online, but it seems that sandisk does not sell them without the player.


So , I am either looking for something that falls in the similar quality range of the stock earphones. I'd like to keep it under £50.

Worst case I might just order another player  :(



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Before you buy anything, I think you should get the green filters for the PFEs. If you can't find em, maybe try a Brainwavs R1.

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