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Ordering from Amazon.de to the US...will it void Sennheisers warenty? Anyone done this before?

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Forgive me if I am in the wrong forum or what not, I have a very simple, straight forward question. Does anyone have any experience ordering from Amazon.de to the US (trying to pick up Senn IE80 for 280USD!) Will Sennheiser still honor the warranty as they would from Amazon.com (as listed on their site of authorized dealers)? It appears to not be from the Marketplace, either; translation of the page yields: "Ships from and sold by Amazon.de" so I dont see why this wouldn't be legit. When I am on the last checkout page (bottom screenshot) it says "Sold by: Amazon EU SarL" but after researching this appears to be Amazon in Lexington's address and saying simply "limited liability/LTD".


Any thoughts or experiences with this? Senn is closed until Monday so I cant ask them directly and am trying to place my order ASAP so I can get them before NOV 8th, when I go on a month long solo east coast trip and I am without my old beloved IE8's. Any thoughts on how long shipping will take? If I order on Monday it only gives me 8 days to get her from Germany. Cutting it close. Please advise on any of this.








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I ordered mine from Amazon UK (long story, I actually meant to buy it from amazon.de but I'm an idiot) and it came all the way to west coast of Canada in 2 days.  A lot of people in the IE80 thread have ordered from germany/Italy as well so I think it's safe.  Keep in mind though if you have buyer's remorse it'll be pretty costly to ship it back to Amazon EU and they won't be refunding your shipping costs.

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Oh, Macbug, I will not have any buyers remorse at all! I miss my IE8's so much, I want nothing more than them again and was gonna go with a W3 off earphone solutions because they're so much cheaper thean the IE80's (280 vs 449) but this way, it's the same price. I was looking at razordogdeals.com as well, and its here in the US for 450, but the site has a $100 rebate which is sweet but it mentions in small print that it wont work with the IE 80's. It's a big price diff. I just need to have confidence in Senn honoring my warranty, and hopefully them arriving before Nov 8th (no expediting shipping options, only "Amazon Global express delivery (2 Days)" is listed but as you said, they got to Canada, eh? in 2 days?! Man...really pissed I paid full retail for my first pair at earphonesolutions, just because I was sure they were an authorized dealer.

I really hope you're right in them honoring the warranty, not knowing 100% is the only thing holding me back (why cant they be open to confirm on Sat?!) I had to use my warranty on my IE8's (wire frey after the 2 years was 3 months past). I wrote Senn and they sent me a brand new pair, no questions asked, which I promptly lost one drunken night. I've read that other people have gone this way before, it just sucks seeing amazon.com listed but not amazon.de. And if I wait until Monday, it might ship out too late for me to get them in time. Tick-tock, tick-tock. Having my trusted pair of cans with me on this trip is paramount to my toothbrush!

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email razordog directly and mention the $100 rebate on the price (and you're form headfi), I'm sure you can come to a mutually agreeable arrangement.  


as far as cables go




There's always that route.


I can confirm at least that Amazon EU sells legit version of the IE80.

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Yeah I figured I could email razordog and drop the headfi status and he'd be cool with me, but this way would save me 70 bucks or what not.

Really dumb follow up, but by amazon EU, Amazon.de is included in this right? You're not just talking amazon.uk or something? (Forgive how dumb this question is).


And Im sure its legit and authentic but with regards to the warranty, do you think I could still get it serviced in North America, purchasing from .de? Or am I gonna have to go through the Senn Germany repair channels?


Thanks so much man for helping me out. Really wanna order these tonight (like in a few minutes) to make sure they get here before the 8th.

Just trying to cross my t's is all.

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Unless there is something in Sennheiser website that says it offers global warranty, anything you imported from another country (except for region like the whole EU) should be treated as grey import and will not grant you any local warranty. The only way to get warranty will be to send the item back to its country of sale and have the warranty claimed over there. I do believe Amazon (at least Amazon US) specifically lists that electronic that exported oversea will not get warranty (as grey import) unless it has global warranty (which won't be Amazon responsibility anyway). If that's the case, you might not even get warranty from Amazon.dk as well.
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Yeah, thanks ClieOS. In a similar thread, seeing if Senn has a global warranty, I found someone claiming, "If you bought it from a Sennhesier Authorized Dealer online shop. Yes the international warranty is applicable." But would they equate amazon.de to amazon.com/"authorized"? From sennheiser.de: "Product is covered by Sennheiser two year (2 year) International Warranty". And still not sure if they would agree (or want to) that Amazon.de is part of Amazon.com (or related). They could, perhaps see it as not-authorized because of the domain difference, if they wanted to. Not sure I can come up with the extra 75$ to go with razordog, just so I dont have to ship it to Germany, if that's what they may make me do. I know people from here have bought the IE8's and other IEMs from amazon.de, I just wish I knew some of their experiences.

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hey frank you got any update on what Sennheiser says on this?

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