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Played seven albums in a row without any problems - Foobar2000 WASAPI event, buffer settings at about middle.  I have already tried this in the past, but the beeping came back.  Hasn't lasted this long without it before. 


Can't assume that it has been fixed for good, but fingers crossed. 


That said, I have already bought an Audiolab 8200CD CD player with a pretty good DAC and USB input.  Can't return the item without giving up my $200.00 deposit. 


Will use this and have listed YDA-02 on eBay for $240.00.  I have made the problems I have had with the DAC clear:


I don't think I would have had much luck selling it here given the over-the-top comments I have made!


Thanks very much for your concern and help @project86 . 

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