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Titanium HD or Asus STX?

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Hello community, long time lurker, first time poster


So lately i have been thinking about upgrading my sound card, i just have the extra cash on the side and would like an general improvement in sound quality, at the moment i have the X-fi extremegamer which has served me well through the years, really good card.


After doing a bit of researched (being the complete noob on audio sound) im stuck between the titanium hd by creative or the asus stx. The only thing holding me back from getting the tit hd is the fact that iv heard it doesnt have a integrated amp, so you need to purchase one to get the most out of it, but i've also read that it depends on your headset as well. I have the seinhaiser PC360.

the thing holding me back from byuing an asus is the fact that they are second when it comes to gaming, keeping quality as first priority. i do play games myself but i also want awesome sound quality as well.


I request your opinion on this matter, you as the community know well more than i do, and would appreciate any input you could add in.


Thank you very much!

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Sound quality wise, the Titanium HD and the Essence STX are on the same level, being different mainly on signature and features.


The Titanium HD is a neutral sounding card that leans slightly towards warmth, while the Essence STX is also a neutral sounding card leaning towards brightness.

While the Titanium HD has analog stereo output and digital multichannel output, the Essence STX has both analog and digital multichannel output. However, only the Titanium HD fully supports gaming audio, while that's an afterthought on the Essence STX.

Regarding amplification, the Titanium HD has an amplified headphone output up to 330Ohm, while the Essence STX has a headphone amplifier up to 600Ohm.

The Titanium HD headphone output can handle your PC360 with ease, so that's not really a problem.

Bottomline is, if you want to have the best quality gaming audio and have no need for analog multichannel support, the Titanium HD is the logical choice.

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Awesome, thanks, that pretty much cleared any concerned, i will definetly go for the tit then

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